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There are six weeks remaining in Bobby Jindal's final term as Governor of Louisiana.  Jindal has said that he and his family will remain in Baton Rouge after his term ends, but what's ahead for him professionally.  

Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat says Jindal will likely use his experience in government to land a job.
"I would think that he would probably try to sell that expertise to some company as a consultant, to some national company, try to get on some national boards."

Pinsonat says Jindal will probably use his expertise in government to pick up a job with a national company as a consultant.  As far as the governor's political future, Pinsonat doesn't see Jindal seeking political office in the foreseeable future.

"Three, four, five years, it's unlikely Jindal can run for political office unless he sets out to rehab his political image in Louisiana." 

He says Jindal's current unpopularity in Louisiana will probably keep him from running for office for quite a while.  Pinsonat believes Jindal's presidential aspirations really damaged his political future in Louisiana.

"I thought he was very popular here.  He could have made a career of being a very popular politician, he could have run for the Senate, he could have done anything he wanted.  All of a sudden, he finds himself very unpopular." 


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The Saints dropped their third straight game on Sunday as the Houston Texans topped New Orleans 24-6. Offensively, the Saints could only muster two field goals, so for the first time in 155 consecutive games, the Saints failed to score a TD. Coach Sean Payton on the disappointing loss.

"There's a number of losses that gets frustrating, let's not look for the most frustrating ever headline. Disappointing to lose the game like that and it's disappointing to not score a touchdown that would be a fair assessment of it."  
New Orleans was held to 268 total yards, just 50 yards on the ground. The loss drops the Saints record to 4-7.
New Orleans hosts Carolina this Sunday.  


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LSU ended a three-game losing streak by beating Texas A&M and they get to keep their coach. After a 19-7 victory over the Aggies, Athletic Director Joe Alleva announced that Coach Les Miles is LSU's football coach and will continue to be the Tigers football coach.

A stunning turn of events, as rumors swirled that Miles would be let go and possibly replaced by Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher.  
The victory on Saturday was reminiscent of many wins for Les Miles as the LSU head coach for eleven years as they beat the Aggies with a punishing running game, a stout defense and big plays on special teams.
There was also no passing attack and several pre-snap penalties at critical points that derailed offensive drives.
LSU's best play on offense was to hand the football off to Leonard Fournette and Derrius Guice. Fournette rushed for 159 yards and a touchdown.

Fournette finished the regular season with 1,741 yards, a new single season record for rushing in LSU history.
Guice had 73 yards rushing, including a 50-yard touchdown run midway through the 3rd quarter to give the Tigers a 13-7 lead.
The freshman from Baton Rouge also had an electrifying 75 yard kickoff return to begin the 2nd half, which set the tone for the final 30 minutes of the game.
LSU needed the running game, because sophomore quarterback Brandon Harris struggled. Harris was out of sync from the start and finished 7-of-21 for 83 yards and one interception.
The LSU defense held the Aggies to just one touchdown and that came in the 1st quarter.A&M had 250 yards and turned it over 3 times. LSU's defense also had four sacks on the day. Deion Jones and Arden Key combined for 19 tackles, 2 sacks and three tackles for a loss.
It was a difficult game to watch at times. Trent Domingue missed three field goals. LSU was penalized seven times, many were the presnap variety. The Aggies were penalized 10 times for 79 yards.


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A UL-Lafayette researcher is trying to find the burial grounds of the first Acadians in an effort to discover the location of their colony.  Anthropologist Mark Rees says the goal of the New Acadia Project is to discover the location of the New Acadia Colony that dates back to the mid-18th century.

"Which we believe is located along the Teche Ridge, along the high elevation along Bayou Tech somewhere in Iberia Parish, likely around the Fausse Point area or the area in general around Loreauville."

He says they believe the colony was set up along Bayou Teche in Iberia Parish around Loreauville.  Rees says they have received permission from the state and property owners to exhume the graves that possibly belong to the first Acadians.  But he says they are approaching this in a cautious way.

"We're going to try and do our research with minimal disturbance and not exhume remains if we can determine when the burials date to.  If we have to exhume them, then they'll be studied and the remains would be reburied."

He says finding the graves is just the first step in finding the settlement that must be nearby.  Rees says if these graves do contain the remains of the first Acadians, it will be an enormous breakthrough.

"And that's when we can really learn a lot.  We can add to the historical knowledge of the lives of the first Acadians were like." 


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Even with the dry summer, the supply of real Christmas Trees in Louisiana is still plenty. Christmas Tree Farmer Clark Gernon, owner of Shady Pond Tree Farm in Pearl River, says the trees are fine, just not as tall as they typically would be.

“When we get dry conditions they just go dormant and wait until soil moisture levels come up. When it does, they begin to grow again.”

Gernon advises those searching for a tree to make sure you check the height of the display area before purchasing a Christmas tree. He says also measure the width to ensure it fits in your home.

“There are lots of homes out there with high ceilings and if you put the tree in that touches the ceiling, you won’t be able to walk in the room. So be careful with width, as well as height.”

Gernon says for the past 10 years, 70% of trees that leave his farm are Leyland Cypress Leighton Green trees. He says the shape of the tree is almost perfect.

“The color is a very deep, rich green, it’s just an excellent tree.”



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A pollster believes the win of Democrat John Bel Edwards over Republican David Vitter in a predominately conservative state is an anomaly. John Couvillion of JMC Analytics says Edwards got votes from Dardenne supporters and from rural areas that haven’t voted democrat since the early 90s.

“I see it more as the democrats are certainly not shut out from ever winning a statewide office again, which was the prevailing wisdom until November 21st.”

Couvillion believes next year’s senate race will be different because republicans have learned their lesson when it comes to disunity. He also says republicans have a big advantage over democrats in federal elections….

“So you can raise national issues that are unappealing to Louisiana voters, when you couldn’t really do that in a statewide race.”

Couvillion says he saw major republican precincts around the state and especially in East Baton Rouge, with 60% of people voting for Edwards.

“I haven’t seen that kind of democratic vote in republican areas since the 1991 Edwin Edwards- David Duke landslide, so that was something I found very interesting, the sheer volume of the republican defection."



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The National Retail Federation is expecting retailers to see healthy sales gains this holiday season. Spokesperson Kathy Grannis says sales are expected to increase about 3.7% overall in November and December, which is a slight decline from what we saw last year. She says the reason growth isn’t as much in 2015 is likely the direction of the economy.

“The economy simply could be a little bit better, meaning that there could be more jobs, there could be higher wage growth, the market threw a loop for many people through a lot of the year.”

Grannis says it’s estimated that the average holiday shopper in the south is estimated to spend around 775 dollars this season, not too far off from the national average of 805 dollars. She says hot items this year are toys, a wide range of electronics for adults and jewelry.

“The jewelry sector itself can see as much as 30% of its annual sale come during just the final two months of the year.”

Grannis says last year, Barbie lost out to Disney’s Frozen dolls but she has regained her crown as the top selling girls toy this season, which is good news to stores selling Barbie’s. She says retailers are getting creative with their promotions to get customers to come into stores rather than just buying online.

“It’s no longer just about the lowest prices over Thanksgiving weekend. It’s all of the other things that come along with it. So it’s maybe the early Thanksgiving openings or the free gift with purchase if you spend a certain amount.”



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What could be Les Miles' final game as head coach of the LSU Tigers takes place tomorrow night against Texas A&M in Tiger Stadium. Linebacker Deion Jones hopes this is not the end of the road for Miles.  
"I'm behind Coach Les Miles 100%," LSU linebacker Deion Jones said. "I love him as a coach, I hope he's still here."

Saturday night's game also marks the return of John Chavis, LSU's former defensive coordinator. He now holds the same position for the Aggies. Jones says he has no ill will toward his old coach.
"We still got love Coach Chief, I respect it, it happens in the coaching world, we can't hold grudges with it," Jones said. 
LSU linebacker Lamar Louis says the team is focused on getting a win, not the coaching rumors swirling about Miles' job status. 
"We have a couple of guys banged up, but we can't worry about that, we gotta to move forward, we just got to get a W."  


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With Black Friday quickly approaching, the personal finance website WalletHub found holiday spending is estimated to reach more than 630-billion dollars this year. Website spokesperson Jill Gonzales says they investigated which stores were having the best Black Friday deals.

“JC Penney as being the very best, the average discount is about 70% there. Then right after that Kohls, Stage and Groupon all being around the 65% mark.”

Gonzales says the lowest are going to be Toys-R-Us, Big Lots, Amazon, Sam’s Club and Costco, all coming in at around a 20-percent discount. She says jewelry is an item that typically sees a big discount.

“We’re seeing an average discount of almost 75% off of jewelry items. After that books, movies and music have really good deals.”

Gonzales says the average discount across the board is about 40-percent off. She advises shoppers to look at the deals before heading out to purchase on Black Friday.

“You want to make sure what items are going for before the holiday season so you can make sure that the discount is actually a discount, especially at the 40% rate.”



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Former Governor Edwin Edwards is spending Thanksgiving in a hospital battling pneumonia. According to his wife, Trina, the former four-term governor was admitted yesterday and doctors in Baton Rouge are treating him with antibiotics. Edwin Edwards biographer, Leo Honeycutt, says illnesses are not unusual for the Cajun Prince.

"He battled pneumonia after he and Trina got married and he's always had this time of year some upper respiratory problem, you may recall back in 2012, he had the flu," Honeycutt said. 
Honeycutt says Edwards could be out of the hospital by the end of the holiday weekend.
"He is in good condition right now, the doctors say it's not serious and he'll probably be out in two to three days," Edwards said.
Edwards last public appearance was Saturday as he and wife Trina attended Governor elect John Bel Edwards election party in New Orleans.  


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The state Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control has cited 14 additional strip clubs across the state as part of their "Operation Trick or Treat" investigation.  This crackdown comes weeks after 9 clubs were cited in the French Quarter in New Orleans.  

ATC Commissioner Troy Hebert says these clubs were cited for several different reasons.
"We found drugs being sold there, prostitution and other issues we have been having with them."

The 14 strip clubs were cited for drug activity, prostitution and lewd acts.  Hebert says drug and prostitution activity at these establishments breeds other criminal activity.

"That's where rapes and murders and other things start evolving from because where there's drugs, there's drug dealers.  Where there's prostitution, there's pimps."

Six of the establishments were issued emergency suspensions due to a threat to public safety.  Hebert says the latest results of this operation show that this is not an issue that's isolated to the French Quarter.

"And as you can see by the number of places across the state, it certainly is a problem and we're addressing it." 


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Governor-elect John Bel Edwards has launched onwardlouisiana.com to give the residents of Louisiana updates on his plans and give those interested in working for his administration a chance to express their interest in a position. Spokesperson for the Edwards transition team Mary Patricia Wray says they want the best and the brightest on their team.

“We’re going to be taking resumes on the website. There is an ability to request that the governor-elect attend an event. You can learn more about the transition team members.”

Wray says so far no decisions have been made on cabinet and secretary members, but the team is working hard to ensure announcements are made soon. She says Edwards is making sure he keeps the promises he made during his campaign.

“He said that he would have a cabinet and that he would have a government that looked like the people of Louisiana, that was inclusive and that’s what we’re working hard to achieve.”

Wray says even though the website launched just hours ago, the resumes are already pouring in.

“We’ve been telling people to just be patient for about one more day while we get the website launched so that we can make sure that nothing falls through the cracks and that every qualified applicant gets their very best shot at working in the administration.”



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Morgan City Police are saying fake money used in movies is making its way across multiple parishes in southeast Louisiana. Sgt. Rick Hartley says a few banks, bars and convenience stores have reported to authorities they’ve received these counterfeit bills. He says at this time, they’ve arrested Vanisha August of Morgan City on one count of monetary instrument abuse.

“That arrest has led us to information regarding other persons involved, which is being investigated and also warrants and things will be cut out pretty soon for other subjects.”

Hartley says the bills they’ve confiscated are obviously fake marked with the phrase “Motion Picture Use Only.” But he says often times people will go into a dimly lit business in an effort to try to break the counterfeit bill for real money.

“A lot of times when bartenders are busy, they don’t think about checking the money a little closer or looking at that money a little closer.”

Hartley says you can purchase movie money on a number of websites, so it’s very easy to get your hands on this fake money.

“I’m sure that the movie industry has made an attempt to make it so ridiculously obvious that it is fake money, however in a dark setting or dark environment, it can be easily missed.”

(photo courtesy of Amazon


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Oyster dressing is one of the most popular dishes on the Thanksgiving dinner table.  The question is, are there enough oysters available for everyone to enjoy oyster dressing this Thanksgiving?

Sal Sunseri, Co-owner of P&J Oyster Company in New Orleans, says although oyster production has been down since the BP disaster, you should find plenty of oysters for your dressing.
"Oysters are great.  We wish we had more product.  It's not the supply we're used to, but due to the lack of demand from the east coast, we're okay."

He says oyster production in Maryland has decreased the east coast demand for Louisiana oysters leaving plenty for your holiday dishes.  Sunseri says oyster dressing is  a dish that can be found on most holiday dinner tables all across the south.

"That's part of the family tradition here in the south and especially in southern Louisiana.  It's just natural.  It's who we are as a people."

He says, not only are there enough oysters for Thanksgiving, but the quality of the oysters are very good.  Sunseri says oyster dressing is an extraordinary dish for the holiday.

"It brings families together and it's just that incredible food item that's on your Thanksgiving table during a very special time." 


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Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne is concerned international tourism into Louisiana could be impacted by the United States’ issuing a worldwide terror alert. Dardenne says last year the Pelican State had the biggest increase in percentage of international visitors of any state in the country and he worries that will change.

“I think the international visitor is likely to be a little more wary about traveling overseas to America and that could have an impact on our numbers.”

Dardenne says he doesn’t believe this will effect domestic tourism to Louisiana. He says we have to be respectful of international tourists because the threat wouldn’t be raised this high if it wasn’t necessary.

“We just hope we don’t get any more bizarre and crazy acts of terrorism like we’ve seen and hopefully things settle down and travelers feel a little more comfortable getting on airlines and flying across the ocean.”

Dardenne says State Police has been very involved in staying up to date with various security agencies and in keeping residents and visitors safe. He hopes this terror alert won’t have a prolonged impact on Louisiana tourism.

“It depends upon how long this threat level stays in place but hopefully it will be a relatively short duration and people will feel very comfortable traveling again, coming to the United States and particularly coming to Louisiana.”



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The American Automobile Association projects we'll see the most Thanksgiving holiday travelers since 2007. Triple-A estimates nearly 47 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more during the four-day weekend. Don Redman says it is a modest, but notable increase from last year.

"This is the seventh consecutive year that we are seeing an increase in the number of people traveling," Redman said. "You have to go back to 2007 to see more people traveling." 
AAA estimates consumers have saved nearly $350 million more on gasoline than last year, allowing them more financial flexibility to travel this Thanksgiving. Redman says these favorable gas prices will continue through this holiday weekend.
"For now, I think we are going to see prices hovering around a $1.90, $1.95 and again these are prices we haven't seen in several years," Redman said. 
More than 360,000 motorists are predicted to call Triple-A for roadside assistance during the holiday. Redman says the best way for motorists to avoid a break down is to check their vehicles before hitting the road. 


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The Holiday Season is here, which means flu season is coming too. Dr. Frank Welch with the Department of Health and Hospitals says luckily this flu season is off to a slower start but you still should get your flu shot. 

“We’ve had some much cooler weather over the past few days and when people congregate together with closed doors and windows that is the perfect time and place for the flu to spread.”

Welch says as well as getting your flu vaccine, remember healthy habits like regular hand washing, cover your cough. He says this year’s shot seems to be well matched to the strain going around.

“It’s much better able to work and prevent the flu. Some people may get the flu after they get the flu vaccine, but it will be much, much milder and you’ll get better much quicker.”

Welch says the flu vaccine is available at your doctor’s office or usually a local pharmacy. He says try to live a healthier lifestyle during flu season to ward off the virus.

“Get a little exercise, don’t drink too much alcohol, drink plenty of water, get plenty of rest. Make sure you wash your hands, cover your cough.”



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A record number of people plan to shop local for Small Business Saturday. Dawn Starns, the state director of the National Federation of Independent Business, says they partnered with American Express and their survey found a large majority of shoppers plan to participate in Small Business Saturday.

“80% of consumers are saying they’re willing to pay slightly more that they know they’ll pay at a small independently owned retailer because they’ll get the opportunity to buy something a little unique.”

Starns say this is so encouraging because this is the time of year where small businesses are in competition with big name stores. She says shoppers are often looking for unique gifts and items and that’s where your small business retailer comes in handy.

“A lot of times people feel like they’re in a line, running in droves with the masses and really a lot of times people are looking for something not everybody is going to have to give as a gift.”

Starns encourages shoppers to keep local stores in mind this holiday season, because says the money spent at a small retailer goes right back into the local economy.

“These local shops are doing everything they can to not only be in business and be there for them to offer great opportunities to shop but also give back to the community and employ people.”



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Many in the national media believe its crazy LSU would fire Coach Les Miles at the end of the regular season. Miles has won one national championship and 110 games in his eleven seasons in Baton Rouge. Dennis Dodd with cbssports.com, says LSU would be making a horrible decision if they axed Miles…

“I can’t think of another school that’s willing to part with a coach for $17 million in the middle of winning.”

Dodd says it was only three weeks ago when LSU was ranked second in the college football playoff rankings. He says it will be very hard to replace Miles with a better coach…

“If you’re going to do this, you’d better have a (Florida State) Jimbo Fisher in your back pocket, you better have a (Clemson) Dabo Swinney in your back pocket and as we sit here right now, I don’t know if they do.”

Miles’ job security came into question last week as a result of a published report that said he was coaching for his job. Athletic Director Joe Alleva has remained quiet. Dodd says Alleva is mishandling this situation…

“I think it’s horrendous that the AD has just been mute about this. It’s pretty obvious these stories were written at least with his passive approval, if not guidance and that’s fine but you’ve got to stand up and say something in the middle of this.”



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Blue Bell ice cream lovers are in luck, the creamery is announcing they’re coming back to the Pelican State. Spokesperson Joe Robertson says Blue Bell will begin to restock Louisiana grocery stores on December 21st.

“Now that we have all three of our facilities back up and running, we’re able to build up enough inventory to return to some of these phases.”

Blue Bell pulled its ice cream from the shelves in April over listeria concerns. The popular ice cream has been coming back in phases over the last few months. Robertson says most of their retail partners have welcomed them back and they’ll be in most major grocery stores. He says currently, they’re only selling five flavors of ice cream.

“We’ve got our Homemade Vanilla, our Cookies ‘n Cream, Dutch Chocolate, The Great Divide and our Butter Pecan flavor right now and that’s how we’ll start out.”

Robertson says with each phase, they bring back more employees.

“With phase four, Louisiana and Jackson, Mississippi phase, we’ll bring back an additional 115 employees. Most of those we're employees at the distribution centers in those areas.”



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