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Charles Sykes/Bravo(LOS ANGELES) -- Kim Kardashian is protective over her little sister, Khloe, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

A preview of the upcoming episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, shows how Khloe was caught flirting with her ex-husband, Lamar Odom, after taking his phone call. Kim, who was standing with her in their kitchen, gets visibly annoyed.

In her confessional interview, Kim shares her wariness about Khloe speaking to Lamar again after their divorce.  "I don't know why Khloe and Lamar are talking, but he hurt her so badly," the reality TV star explains. "As a big sister I'm just really protective, and for her just to be flirting with him on the phone makes me sick to my stomach." 

Khloe and Odom split in December 2013 after four years of marriage. Khloe filed for the divorce amid rumors of Odom's alleged drug use and infidelity, citing "irreconcilable differences."

After Khloe hangs up the phone, Kim confronts her sister, according to the preview clip. "I just can't take it," Kim tells Khloe. "The fact that when he decides to come around and be friendly, you're like, flirting with him."

"I'm flirting with him how?" Khloe retorts. "By answering the phone and saying hello?"

Kim replies that she thinks Khloe is "way more attentive" to Odom than to her most recent ex-boyfriend, rapper French Montana.

"Why would French and Lamar even be in the same category?," Khloe responds.

Find out how Kim responds when Keeping Up with the Kardashians airs this Sunday at 8 p.m. Eastern on E!

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Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Andrew Garfield is having a hard time adjusting to life in Hollywood despite starring in two blockbuster Spider-Man films. Just ask him.

"None of us are accepted in this culture," he said about Tinseltown in New York Magazine. "We’re only accepted if we are…well, name it. White, handsome, charming, charismatic, thin-enough eyebrows to be beautiful, but thick enough to be still be masculine. We are told constantly we’re not enough, we’re told constantly that we don’t have enough, we’re told constantly that we’ll never be enough."

Garfield admitted he's still really "insecure and scared and don’t really know who I am." But he hasn't given up hope on finding himself. "Hopefully I’m just more myself as I get older and as I grow, but in our culture they’re telling us to be something totally f****** different," he added.

The 99 Homes actor said although he'd rather maintain his privacy, he understands that it's part of the business to open up.

"My priority is the work, and the work is dependent on people not knowing very much about me," Garfield explained. "So where’s the balance? Because I do want to make a difference in the world, I really do, and that’s a really cheesy thing to want."

As for his new status as a celebrity, Garfield said it's a dangerous thing to be. "Celebrity is the new religion, as far as I can see, along with money, power, status. It’s all the same umbrella -- the seductive forces of evil, really."

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Lucasfilm Ltd.(LOS ANGELES) --  We've already heard Mark Hamill voicing Luke Skywalker in a Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, talking to someone about how the force is strong in his family, possibly the next member in line. Now, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy has all but confirmed there is a new Skywalker on the horizon.

She was explaining the difference between the main Star Wars movies and the planned spinoffs, likeRogue One.  "The Saga films focus on the Skywalker family saga," she told Costco Connection, the retailer’s monthly magazine. "The stories follow a linear narrative that connects to the previous six films.The Force Awakens follows Return of the Jedi and continues that generational story."

Kennedy continued, "The Anthology films offer opportunities to explore fresh characters, new storylines and a variety of genres inside the Star Wars universe."

As for the continuation of the Skywalker story: According to The Hollywood Reporter, new character Rey, played by Daisy Ridley, is rumored to possibly be Leia and Han's daughter.  Maybe uncle Luke can teach her the ways of the Force?

Lucasfilms hasn't responded to a call seeking confirmation of Kennedy's quotes in the magazine. ABC News and Lucasfilm are both owned by Disney.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens blasts into theaters December 18.

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HBO(LOS ANGELES) -- Lena Dunham and her boyfriend, fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff, backtracked after they said earlier this year they'd wed after same-sex couples had the right to do so in every state in the U.S.

The Girls creator said she felt a lot of pressure to tie the knot when gay marriage became legal back in June.

"The day that gay marriage became legal across this country we were thrilled. We were celebrating and then suddenly the texts just started coming from our friends, from our mothers, from our exercise instructors, being like, 'Finally! It's your time!' And we kind of looked at each other and said, 'Oh God! What have we done?'" Dunham recalled on Friday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Dunham said the two decided they didn't have to get engaged right then. "We're not going to suddenly just get engaged because it became legal," she said. "Like, we better wait for a moment when we felt excited about this."

The Golden Globe Award-winner clarified she still wants to marry Antonoff. "I'm excited to marry him at some point but it felt like a lot of pressure to just go for it that day," she explained.

Dunham even admitted that perhaps she was using gay marriage as an excuse not to wed. "I did start to ask, 'Are there a lot of heterosexuals using this as an excuse to avoid commitment?' And I think the answer is yes because, I mean, we own a dog together, we have a home together, but the marriage thing is a big deal."

Now, the actress says she doesn't want to marry anybody, because she's "intimidated." 

"I don't want to espouse any stereotypes, but gay people are kind of killing it at weddings right now," she quipped. "They're kind of winning at weddings. So I don't want to go in and pale in comparison."

Dunham and Antonoff have been dating for almost four years.

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Sony/Screen Gems(NEW YORK) -- Idris Elba is reportedly playing the bad guy in the upcoming Star Trek film. Although he won't say much about the role, he did reveal filming is still underway.

"Well, I haven't wrapped," he clarified on Friday's Live with Kelly and Michael. "We're actually shooting in Dubai."

Elba also has been spending a lot of time shooting in Vancouver, Canada -- "about three months," he said.  "I like it there.  It's been a really amazing experience. I've had a good time."

The British actor explained the latest Star Trek sequel didn't rely heavily on special effects while filming there: "I can't tell you too much, but Vancouver is beautiful and we're utilizing the backdrop, the mountains and you know, it's a great place to shoot as well."

Star Trek Beyond doesn't hit theaters until July 22, 2016. Until it arrives, you can catch Elba in his latest role, in Netflix's Beasts of No Nation, which will be available for streaming October 16.

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ABC/Rick Rowell(NEW YORK) -- Joseph Gordon-Levitt may have pivotal roles in blockbuster movies like Inception and The Dark Knight Rises, but the actor has always shied away from fame.

"I always found it uncomfortable when people would come up to me and say, 'Oh, I saw you on TV. You're on TV.' That just really felt awkward to me," Gordon-Levitt told ABC's Nightline.

Gordon-Levitt, who plays French tightrope walker Philippe Petit in the new film The Walk, in theaters now, fell in love with acting as a child, and his portrayal of a man/child alien on the TV sitcom Third Rock From the Sun made him a reluctant star.

"I privately wished that we could go on set and do the work that I loved, but then burn the film afterward so that people wouldn't see it or recognize," Gordon-Levitt said.

Even today, Gordon-Levitt keeps his private life out of the spotlight and says very little publicly about his new baby with his wife, technology entrepreneur Tasha McCauley. Being a new parent has made him feel more optimistic, he said.

"I look at my son and I say he's awesome. He's gonna grow up and he's going to do such incredible things. But here's the thing -- and this is why I feel private -- I don't want him to feel the pressure of me having been on TV and saying that," Gordon-Levitt explained.

"'Cause what if he just wants to, you know, go off and live in Tibet and be a monk and never be heard from again? I wanna support that and I want him to feel encouraged to do that. And I don't want him thinking like, 'Oh God, my dad went on TV and told the world that I was gonna do great things. And you know what? I actually don't wanna do anything that the world is ever gonna really hear about,'" Gordon-Levitt continued. "I'd like him to be able to speak for himself when he gets old enough. And I don't know if it's really my place to speak for him."

For his latest film role in The Walk, Gordon-Levitt spent eight days training with Philippe Petit on a real tightrope. Petit captivated the world in 1974 when he sneaked into the World Trade Center, rigged a cable between the twin towers, and walked back and forth 1,362 feet above ground without a net.

"I think my parents never emphasized fame," said Gordon-Levitt. "They never emphasized, ‘Ooh, look, isn't this exciting? Everyone knows your name. You're gonna make so much money,’ you know. I think if you chase after, you know, fame and money, it's sort of a recipe for unhappiness,"

The actor continued, "But if instead -- like [Petit] -- you're really just driven by what it is that you're doing. You know, he didn't make any money doing the walk. That's not why he did it."

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Randy Holmes / ABC(NEW YORK) -- A Broadway theater will add extra security starting with Friday night's performance of Thérèse Raquin after an audience member interrupted Thursday night's opening night at the Studio 54 Theatre to scream at star Keira Knightley. 

The man rose from his seat in the mezzanine, stood at the railing and starting shouting. When Knightley didn't respond, the man yelled, "Five seconds is too long to wait for a response!" An usher escorted the man away, but as security arrived the guy picked up a bouquet of flowers and threw them at the actors. 

The New York Police Department detained the man. 

Roundabout Theatre Company, which operates the Studio 54 Theatre, declined to elaborate but provided a statement to ABC Radio. "Roundabout takes the safety of their actors and audiences very seriously and extra security will be added beginning tonight. For obvious reasons, we cannot comment on the exact nature of the additional security measures," the statement read.

The venue is the same that was staging a performance of Cabaret last year when actor Shia LaBeouf was escorted out and subsequently arrested after shouting obscenities at the actors on stage.

Thérèse Raquin, also starring former Who's the Boss? star Judith Light, will run through January 3, 2016.

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Nathaniel Chadwick/NBC(LOS ANGELES) -- Los Angeles prosecutors are reviewing an investigation into a sexual abuse allegation against Bill Cosby.

District attorney's spokeswoman Jane Robison confirmed to ABC News Thursday that police presented the results of the investigation to prosecutors, who will determine whether to charge Cosby with a crime. There's no timetable for when the decision will be made.

The investigation concerns an accusation by model Chloe Goins that Cosby drugged and abused her in a bedroom of the Playboy Mansion in 2008.

More than 50 women have made sexual assault accusations against Cosby. His lawyers have denied sex assault accusations against the comedian in the past, and Cosby has never been criminally charged in connection with any of the allegations.

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ABC/Randy Holmes(LOS ANGELES) -- Hugh Jackman's acting career has yielded an Oscar nomination, two Tony Awards, an Emmy and a Golden Globe, but in the new edition of Parade magazine, the X-Men star reveals that he originally chose a different career path.

Jackman, 46, always had a passion for acting, but the journalism major figured he had a better shot at making it as a news reporter.

"For me, the goal was to become a stringer, travel the world and file reports," he says. "At the same time, I was also doing a lot of amateur theater. It was a hobby. I didn’t think that I could make a living acting."

"I realized it’s not really who I am. I didn’t have the drive. I felt a bit of a fake," the Sydney, Australia, native continues. "The [other] students were more passionate. When I went off to drama school for three years, that was it for me. I was acting like 10 to 12 hours a day. I was so happy!"

Jackman, whose theater credits include The Boy from Oz, for which he won a Tony Award, notes that hearing the applause night after night was his confirmation that he made the right choice. "The moment before the applause really exults you when you realize, with complete strangers, that you know each other, completely," he explains. "It was a moment of honesty. I’d feel as intimate with an audience as with my wife. 'This is who I am!' When it happens, it’s thrilling. Sometimes I feel more myself on a stage than I do off the stage.”

In the interview, Jackman also discusses how his painful childhood affected his performance in the upcoming film Pan, in which he plays the titular character's archenemy, Blackbeard. Like Peter Pan, Hugh was abandoned by his mother at eight years old.

"From the moment Mum left, I was a fearful kid who felt powerless," adds Jackman, who was the youngest of four children. "...I used to be the first one home and I was frightened to go inside. I couldn’t go into the house on my own. I’d wait outside, scared, frustrated. Growing up I was scared of the dark. I was scared of heights. It limited me. I hated it...It emanates from some kind of powerlessness. I was really feeling that."

Jackman tells Parade that as with every one of his acting roles, his two adopted children with Deborra-Lee Furness, his wife of 19 years, affected his decision to accept the part.

"I want to make sure that this movie is not something my kids are going to feel weird about,” he says. "Every movie I do, I think, My kids are going to see this. When it’s a movie about adoption, I want to make sure that they don’t feel uncomfortable.

"Peter Pan is a classic tale, but now we live in a different world where we’re more sensitive about adoption," adds Jackman. "I’m completely comfortable [with Pan]. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t have done the film."

Pan, also starring Garrett Hedlund, Rooney Mara, Amanda Seyfried and Cara Delevingne, opens nationwide October 9.

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ABC/Randy Holmes(LOS ANGELES) -- Will Vin Diesel direct the next Fast & Furious sequel? He seemed to drop a hint that he might in a recent Facebook post.

The Fast & Furious star and producer wrote that he and director Justin Lin, who's helmed several of the previous films in the series, have been "very intensely discussing" a trilogy that would wrap up the series. However, he noted, Lin has a potential conflict that would not allow him to direct Furious 8.

"I will share something crazy that my mother said six months ago after the studio had me announce the date for 8 to the world…," Diesel continued. "'Either you direct 8 yourself... or don’t do it.'

"Some of you vinbook pioneers are all too familiar with my mother’s wisdom, as I have posted her sayings in the past on Our page… but I wrote it off as just a mother’s love and belief in me, though she has seen first hand what I've done to make these movies defy expectations and become increasingly successful, even when the studio thought I was crazy... haha."

An insider tells The Hollywood Reporter that the studio behind the franchise, Universal, isn't happy with Diesel's post. Regarding the possibility that Diesel will direct Furious 8, the source adds, “It is never going to happen.”

Furious 8 is scheduled for release on April 14, 2017.

The seventh film in the series, which hit theaters earlier this year and included a tribute to its late star Paul Walker, made 1.5 billion dollars worldwide.

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ABC/Lou Rocco(LOS ANGELES) -- Tori Spelling says she had sexual relations with two of her Beverly Hills, 90210 co-stars...but which ones?

The actress is grilled about it in the Lifetime special Tori Spelling: Celebrity Lie Detector, airing after the premiere of The Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Story this Saturday night.

Spelling, 42, admits one of the cast members she had sex with was Brian Austin Green, who played her love interest on the 1990s drama. "Brian and I were the youngest. We were 16. And I remember the first time, like I shook his hand....I fancied him!" she says in one of the preview clips Lifetime released Thursday.

In the clips, she refuses to disclose the other original cast member she was intimate with, though she does rule out Ian Ziering. That would suggest it was either Jason Priestley or Luke Perry.

"Half my friends don't even know this!" she declares.

Lifetime teases the answer will be revealed on its Tori Spelling: Celebrity Lie Detector special, airing at 10 p.m. Eastern time Saturday night.

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Image Courtesy Eliot Lee Hazel/RCA Records(LOS ANGELES) -- After winning joint custody of his daughter last week, Chris Brown has reportedly scored another legal victory.

According to TMZ, the singer will not be charged in connection with an assault on his tour bus earlier this month.  The alleged unidentified woman, who claimed she was forcibly removed from Brown's tour bus outside a Denver strip, has decided not to press charges.

The gossip site reports that authorities interviewed other witnesses but apparently they were unable to find evidence substantiating the woman’s allegations, which Brown initially denied on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the singer is still facing a ban from Australia over his 2009 assault on Rihanna, which could cause him to cancel his concert tour in December.

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Aidan Monaghan/Twentieth Century Fox Film (LOS ANGELES) -- Here's a look at the movies that are new in theaters on Friday:

  • The Martian -- Matt Damon is an astronaut stranded on Mars, and NASA and his crewmates attempt to rescue him. Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig, Jeff Daniels, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Pena, Kate Mara, Sean Bean, Sebastian Stan, Mackenzie Davis and Donald Glover star in the space drama, which is based on the best-selling novel of the same name. Rated PG-13.

Expanding wide:

  • Sicario -- Emily Blunt stars as an FBI agent who becomes involved in the war against drugs on the U.S.-Mexico border.  Benicio Del Toro, Josh Brolin, Victor Garber and Jon Bernthal also star. Rated R.

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ABC/Craig Sjodin(NEW YORK) -- Here's a look at the season premieres scheduled for this weekend. All times Eastern: 


  • Dr. Ken, 8:30 p.m. -- The Hangover's Ken Jeong plays the titular character, a doctor who drives people crazy at home and at work.


  • Saturday Night Live, 11:30 p.m. -- The 41st season of the sketch-comedy series begins with Miley Cyrus as its host and musical guest. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will make a cameo, according to The New York Times. 


  • Madam Secretary, 8 p.m.
  • The Good Wife, 9 p.m.
  • CSI: Cyber, 10 p.m.


  • Homeland, 9 p.m.
  • The Affair, 10 p.m.


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ABC/Nicole Wilder(NEW YORK) -- On Thursday's episode of Scandal, the White House was still dealing with leaked photos of President Fitzgerald Grant and Olivia Pope canoodling.

"How the hell did this happen?" the president asked his Chief of Staff Elizabeth North and Press Secretary Abby Whelan.

But when Fitz wanted to wait to make a statement with Liv, Abby suggested "a game plan," especially since she was being berated in the Press Room by the media wondering exactly what is going on. 

Meanwhile, to escape the frenzy, Liv went to Quinn's house. "I need to work," she told Quinn. She eventually took the case of a woman, looking for her stepson Gavin, who was accused of killing his father, Walter. The client asked Liv, "Are you up to this? I've seen the news." But Liv assured her she was up to the task and ended up finding Gavin in a casino states away. 

Still, when people started to recognize Liv from the news, she and her ex-lover Jake Ballard, who had come to help her, ended up losing Gavin in the melee. Later, they found Gavin in the home he was building against his father's wishes and the reason why he pushed his father down the steps, killing him. Liv and Jake eventually turned Gavin over to the police.

Back at 1600 Penn, first lady Mellie Grant returned to the White House, asking Fitz for an apology for sending her divorce papers. Still, Fitz was defiant because he believed she leaked the photos of him and Liv. And although Attorney General David Rosen discovered that the photos originated on the first lady's computer, he said there's no proof that she leaked the photos.

In talking to his ex-girlfriend, Abby, she figured out that Liz leaked the photos. Abby confronted Liz and asked why: "You want to take down Olivia Pope?" Liz never answered her, but she did ask Abby what she wanted in return for knowing her little secret. Abby said she just wanted them to be equals. Who knows if that's all Abby wants...for now.

Later when Fitz realized that Liv wasn't going to face the music with him, and that she was on the run with her ex-lover Jake, he turned to Mellie. He called her saying, "I apologize. Come home." And she happily returned back to the White House. After all, she has a presidential run to think of.

And when Liv finally did return home, she was bombarded by media, who asked her, "Are you the president's mistress?"

"Yes," she replied, proudly. 

Find out what fallout the White House will face next Thursday when Scandal returns to ABC at 9 p.m. Eastern. 

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