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The State Fire Marshal has put out a warning about electronic cigarettes, after two people were recently burned in Louisiana when their vaporizing device exploded. Deputy Chief Brant Thompson says in both cases the batteries in the vaping mods overheated.

“Those batteries did overheat after coming in contact with other metal objects within the victims’ pant pocket and in fact exploded and caught fire,” Thompson said.

A Baton Rouge man suffered second and third-degree burns to his leg and hand after the battery in his device overheated, and a Houma man also suffered serious burns when his mod exploded. Thompson advises people to be careful when carrying batteries to make sure they don’t come in contact with other metal objects. He says it’s also important to make sure the batteries are in good condition.

“Never put loose batteries in your pocket where they may come in contact with other batteries or metal objects. Make sure that there are no deformities with batteries that are intended for use,” Thompson said.

Thompson warns people against using cheap knock off batteries, as they may be more likely to overheat. He says use the right battery for your mod.

“Use the appropriate battery designed specifically for that device, and purchase those batteries from reputable retailers,” Thompson said.



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A bill to legalize the sale of raw milk died in a House committee today. State Health Officer Dr. Jimmy Guidry says pasteurizing milk kills the bacteria and removes the risk. He says federal government agencies agree that there are significant risks when it comes to drinking raw milk.

“I predict in years to come we’ll be back at the table. If we remove this requirement, we’ll reinstitute this requirement because we’ll see breakouts and we’ll see deaths.”

Agriculture Commissioner Dr. Mike Strain says there will continue to be outbreaks of disease if raw milk is legalized. He says raw milk is 150 times riskier to drink than pasteurized milk.

“The reason you have a higher rate of hospitalization is that the bacteria in raw milk are far more pathogenic and can cause greater illness than the bacteria you can get secondary, post contamination.”

Sponsor of the bill, Ville Platte Sen. Eric LaFleur, says right now, people who want to drink raw milk have to buy it in other states or on the black market. He says this bill is about the freedom of choice and raw milk would not be sold in grocery stores.

“You can go to your neighbor who happens to have a Jersey cow or a Holstein cow and you can buy it. The government today tells you that you can’t do that and that it crazy in this country that you can’t buy milk from your neighbor.”

Wendy Adams with the Libertarian party says she supports the legislation because this bill is about freedom and choice. She says no one is in any danger of walking into a supermarket and accidentally buying raw milk rather than pasteurized milk.

“You have to get in your car and drive to a rural area or a farm and purchase this raw milk and it’s not cheap because you’ve made the conscious decision what is best for you and your family.”



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A measure is making its way through the legislature that would prohibit Louisiana cities from receiving state dollars for construction projects if they don’t enforce federal immigration law. The bill is heading to the Senate after a lengthy debate on the House floor. Denham Springs Representative Valerie Hodges says sanctuary cities are a threat to national security.

“If we’re free to disregard whatever laws we want, that’s anarchy,” Hodges said.

The bill could hurt Lafayette and New Orleans because they are considered sanctuary cities. New Orleans police has a policy in which they do not assist with federal immigration enforcement, and the Lafayette Sheriff’s Office says it won’t hold offenders for Immigration and Customs Enforcement without a court order. Hodges says cities should not work against federal agencies.

“Municipalities making arbitrary decisions to disregard criminal behavior and not cooperate with federal authorities,” Hodges said.

But New Orleans Representative Walt Leger opposes the bill. He says it’s not the local governments place to have to do the federal government’s job.

“The local government is now going to be burdened with doing the job of the federal government and providing for the enforcement of federal immigration laws,” Leger said.

Under this proposal, the Attorney General would decide if a sanctuary city would be able to borrow state dollars for construction projects. Leger says this would hurt New Orleans if the city wanted to update the infrastructure at the port of New Orleans.

“What made you decide that you thought the Attorney General should be the person who decides whether or not the Port of New Orleans should get bond money to invest in infrastructure,” Leger said.

Governor John Bel Edwards says he has some concerns with the legislation as well.



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Louisiana’s five uncommitted Marco Rubio delegates have announced that they will back the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump. Kirk Williamson, a Louisiana delegate, says the delegates are following the voters’ lead.

“Looks like Mr. Trump had gotten millions of votes, and so we’re going to respect the wishes of the voters and support him in the fall,” Williamson said.

Williamson says the most important thing right now is party unity. He thinks one way to achieve that would be for Trump to choose Rubio as his running mate.

“I think Mr. Rubio provides the kind of party unity we’re looking for, as well as great experience on foreign policy. I think he’s got a lot of experience on the United States Senate, so I think he would make a great vice president,” Williamson said.

Williamson says the delegates will rally behind the candidate who has the best chance of defeating the Democratic opponent in the general election. He says although all Republicans may not like Trump, it’s better than the alternative.

“We make not agree on 100% of all issues, but we agree on the most, and we sure agree that Hillary Clinton is going to make a bad president. So we should all get up behind the presumptive nominee,” Williamson said.



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Louisiana’s teen birth rate has declined substantially over the last decade. A report from the Centers for Disease Control shows Louisiana’s teen birth rate is 37.5 for 2013-14, which is a decrease from the 2006-07 rate of 69. Department of Health and Hospitals Secretary Rebekah Gee says this is great news for Louisiana. Gee says she thinks teens are practicing safer sex, or better yet abstinence.

“Teens are understanding the importance of waiting to have sex, but if they are having sex, they’re being more effective at using birth control,” Gee said.

Louisiana now ranks 7th in the country for teen pregnancy. Gee says there’s been a trend to use more effective birth control in teens who have decided to have sex to keep these teen pregnancy rates down.

“We have been focusing on using what are called long-acting reversible contraceptives, things like IUD and Nexplanon, which is a rod that goes in the arm,” Gee said.

Gee says parents can also help prevent teen pregnancy by having these difficult conversations with their children.

“You can’t wait too long. It’s not fun to have that conversation as a mom or dad, but it’s important to have that conversation as a mom or dad,” Gee said.



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A proposal to alter the conditions under which a person who was wrongfully convicted could be compensated is dead for the session. Phillip Rozeman’s uncle was murdered 35 years ago, and Glenn Ford spent 30 years in jail for the crime, which he did not commit. Ford was not compensated for his time behind bars, because he was implicated in crimes related to the murder. Rozeman spoke in opposition, saying if Ford was not involved, there wouldn’t have been a murder.

“Ford was intricately involved in every facet of this case, with the exceptions of entering the house and pulling the trigger,” Rozeman said.

Pete Adams, Executive Director of the District Attorney’s Association, also opposes the bill. He says the compensation is meant for people who are wrongfully convicted, not for those who get their convictions overturned.

“The statute was drafted this way for a reason. It’s designed to give the people who have clean hands compensation because they truly deserve it. If you open it up, I think you water that down,” Adams said.

But Baton Rouge Representative Denise Marcelle supports the bill. She says these people have been failed by the system, and they deserve compensation.

“I just don’t think there’s a dollar amount you can put on compensation for wrongfully convicting someone of a capital crime and having them on death row,” Marcelle said.

Marcelle says people who are wrongfully convicted spend most of their lives being punished for something they didn’t do.

“Thirty years is a life. Children he could’ve had. Children that he did not get to grow up with,” Marcelle said.

The author of the bill, Shreveport Representative Cedric Glover, plans to bring the bill back again next year.



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During the governor’s short time in office, his main priority has been the state’s massive budget deficit. But John Bel Edwards wants to address tackle other issues during his term. Edwards told the Baton Rouge Rotary Club he is committed to the creation of a high speed commuter train between Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

“What if you lived in New Orleans and you needed access to go to work at one of those plants along the river and you could use a train to get there. I think it makes all the sense in the world, I think it would work.”

Edwards says advancing online educational technology is another area where he’d like to see expansion. He says young adults should have the opportunity to get their GED through classes on the internet.

“Maybe you’ve got a 16-year-old young lady who got pregnant, she drops out of high school. She might be able to get a high school degree if it’s available online.”

Edwards says in next year’s regular legislative session, sentencing and criminal justice reform will be one of his top priorities.

“The good news is there are other southern conservative states that have already done this. We know what worked and we know what didn’t work. We have a lot of people who are committed to this when it in the past they would’ve never have been committed.”


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Former-Monroe TV personality “Mr. Wonder” has given up on fighting extradition from California back to Rapides Parish to face child sex charges that date back to 1978. Rapides Parish Sheriff’s office spokesperson, Lt. Tommy Carnline, says they are pleased the case against Frank Selas is moving forward.

“This has been a process that we have had going on now since his arrest in late January. He will now be extradited back to Rapides Parish where he will stand trial,” Carnline said.

Selas was living in San Diego when the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s office announced charges against him for allegedly sexually abusing boys during a camping trip. Carnline says it’s unclear when Selas will return to Rapides Parish.

“We have almost a month to get this done, but we’ll have to fly out there and then bring him back and get him back to Rapides Parish as possible,” Carnline said.

Carnline says Selas will go to court in Rapides Parish on two counts of aggravated rape, three counts of sexual battery, and eight counts of indecent behavior with a juvenile.

“That’s where we’ll get closure and hopefully justice for these victims after 37 years,” Carnline said.



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A bill to restrict college athletic teams in Louisiana, except for LSU, from traveling more than 375 miles to play games has been withdrawn. Baton Rouge Rep. Steve Carter, says he’s decided not to push his measure further, but told the House Education Committee we’re using taxpayer dollars to fund athletic programs when the state is in a massive budget deficit.

“Is this where these dollars should be spent? Or should we possibly be using some of these dollars for deferred maintenance, maybe even utilizing these dollars to fund more TOPS kids.”

Carter says he’s trying to make a point on the state’s priorities. He says there are a lot of out of student athletes using state dollars to travel when this money could be used to prevent cuts on the academic side.

“I’m trying to save a few dollars. I’m trying to make a point, is this where these dollars need to be spent?”

Carter says money used to fund long road trips for athletic teams could be put towards hiring new professors or for the TOPS scholarship program.

“Athletics is athletics and people want to compete and they want to compete against the best but again, I’m looking at it, what am I going to do with deferred maintenance, what am I going to do with TOPS?”



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Donald Trump is now the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, as both Ted Cruz and John Kasich have both dropped out of the race. UL-Lafayette political science professor Pearson Cross says Trump might start to reign in some of his controversial comments to get more voters to rally behind him.

“I think his message will be shaped to the electorate he is now going to represent, and I think there will be a general ‘Support Trump’ move on the way to the convention,” Cross said.

Cross says not all Republicans will be happy to see Trump uncontested at the convention, but he doesn’t think the GOP will look for another nominee.

“They can’t walk away from him, but they can make some riots and protests at the convention, and we may see some of that,” Cross said.

Cross says Trump probably cannot count on getting much of the Democratic vote, because most Bernie Sanders supporters say they would support Hillary Clinton if Sanders didn’t get the nomination. Cross says Republicans will likely do what they can to market Trump to more of the party.

“I think the Republican Party is going to undertake the great education of Donald Trump and try to get him in a position that more and more Republicans can actually support him,” Cross said.



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A bill to allow public high school students to participate in a national sex survey scarcely got enough votes to pass the House. Baton Rouge Representative Patricia Smith authors the bill. She says Louisiana has a high rate of STDs and pregnancy among teens. Opponents of the bill say it’s the parents’ place to talk about these things with their kids, but Smith says that isn’t working.

“If parents were doing this, then we wouldn’t have the cases that we do have, and so I just feel that we need to do something to get the information to be able to direct policy,” Smith said.

Baton Rouge Representative Denise Marcelle supports the legislation. She says lawmakers need to do something to prevent the cases of STDs and teen pregnancy from continuing to increase.

“I believe that doing something towards identifying these problems is a good thing, and if you do nothing, then you may just be a part of the problem,” Marcelle said.

Students would not be required to participate, and parents would be able to opt their child out. Shreveport Representative Thomas Carmody also spoke in support of the bill. He says the survey is anonymous, and it is not mandatory.

“Where would it hurt to allow at least the questions to be asked of our students to try to help them understand the consequences of their behavior?” Carmody said.

The measure passed on a 53-40 vote and moves to the Senate.



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State health officials are offering guidance on how people can prevent the transmission of Zika virus. Dr. Frank Welch, with the department of health and hospitals, says the mosquito that carries Zika will be active in Louisiana this summer, but it won’t just be mosquitoes spreading the virus.

“There is the potential for local person to person spread in Louisiana. So we want to warn people beforehand to avoid mosquito bites and to get counseling and testing if they feel ill,” Welch said.

Welch says the virus can also be transmitted through sexual contact. He says if someone has a partner who has travelled to South America or the Caribbean, they need to take extra precautions, especially if the woman is pregnant.

“They are recommending using condoms for the 8 week period after return to avoid that woman getting Zika virus that may transmit to her baby,” Welch said.

Welch advises people to clear any standing water out of their yards, and wear long sleeves, pants and mosquito repellant. He says Southeastern Louisiana, and Lake Pontchartrain in particular, will be high risk areas because that’s where the mosquito that carries Zika lives.

“This mosquito is not universally distributed around Louisiana. It does then to congregate where people are and especially where swampy, warm areas are,” Welch said.



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Louisiana is the 4th worst state for working moms, according to a study by the personal finance website, WalletHub. WalletHub analyst Jill Gonzalez says they looked at the cost of daycare, professional opportunities, and work and life balance. She says daycare and professional opportunities led to Louisiana’s poor ranking.

“Daycare quality was ranked 48th out of all 50 states plus the District of Columbia, schools are ranked 47th.”

Gonzalez says in terms of daycare quality, Louisiana scored a 57 out of 150 points. She says the state also has a lot of single mothers living in poverty.

“Out of all single mom’s families with children younger than 18 in poverty, Louisiana had the third highest number with 49% of all those families living in poverty.”

Gonzalez says Louisiana also ranked 43rd for the gender pay gap.

“Louisiana has a lot to improve on, so it is Mother’s Day coming up, make sure to give her some extra appreciation at least.”



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Captain Clay Higgins, who achieved fame for his viral crime stoppers videos, has released another video where he addresses a few of his concerns about our country, even hinting that he may consider running for public office. Higgins told the Jim Engster Show the response to his video has been incredible.

“I continue to be amazed and humbled by the very kind response by the people of Acadiana and Louisiana and across the country,” Higgins said.

Higgins says after he resigned from the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office, he wasn’t sure what direction his life would take. He says before he decides to run for an elected office, he wanted to put his feeling about the state of the nation out there.

“Essentially this videos is sort of a reflection of my honest, heartfelt opinion about some of the challenges our nation faces,” Higgins said.

In the newest viral video, Higgins says America’s once respected status has been diminished and national debt has skyrocketed because of career politicians in Washington. Higgins says if he is called by the people of his state and his country to serve, he would step up to the plate.

“At this time right now, I just want to prayerfully reflect upon the response of my fellow Americans to my feelings on these things,” Higgins said.

Higgins says if he decides to run for office, he’ll make the announcement sometime next week.

 (photo courtesy of Facebook)


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220 retired research chimps at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s New Iberia research center will move to a new sanctuary in Blue Ridge, Georgia. Project Chimps is a non-profit organization and has negotiated with the university to move the chimps over the next several years.

President Sarah Baeckler Davis says starting in June, chimps will start moving to the 236-acre sanctuary.

“It’ll take several years for them to make their way to us and it’ll be about 10 per month until we have them all moved here.”

Baeckler Davis says the NIRC decided to retire the chimps from research in 2015 before they were reclassified under the Endangered Species Act. She says the Georgia sanctuary will be the perfect environment to house the retired chimpanzees. 

“We have a 236 acre property here in north Georgia. Beautiful rolling hills and pine trees and a full veterinary clinic and a kitchen.”

Baeckler Davis says this is the first time a non-federal program has released an entire population of research chimpanzees.

“It’s sort of a shifting of priorities from a research population to sort of a retirement facility.”



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A bill that expands the number of diseases for which medical marijuana can be prescribed was narrowly approved by the House Health and Welfare Committee today. St. Martin Parish Senator Fred Mills is the author of the legislation and says he’s encountered many individuals who say medical cannabis can help their child cope with numerous diseases.

“I’m giving medical marijuana oil to my child that has turrets syndrome. He’s doing good, but I’m tired of breaking the law. I’m growing marijuana in my back yard,” Mills said.

When the legislature approved the legal dispensing of medical marijuana last year, they only allowed three different diseases to receive the medication. Katie Corkern says her son, who has uncontrollable seizures, could benefit from medical marijuana, and she doesn’t understand why lawmakers would oppose a bill that could help her child.

“Connor was seizing uncontrollably as legislators spoke against this bill simply because it’s about marijuana, and that is all they needed to know. They didn’t care that my child, feet away from them, was seizing,” Corkern said.

Dr. Will Hall with the Louisiana Baptist Office of Public Policy spoke out against the bill, because it will result in an increase in illegal drug use. 

“This bill is not structured to prevent expansion. It’s structured to promote expansion,” Hall said.

Pete Adams, Executive Director of the Louisiana DA’s Association, also opposes the measure because he says medical cannabis has not been proven to help with these illnesses. He says this bill is a gateway to total legalization.

“I do believe that you will see this issue come up again and again and again. Until sometime in the not-too-distant future, we’ll be hearing a bill on the legalization of marijuana,” Adams said.

The bill passed on an 8-6 vote and moves to the full House for more debate.Mills says Louisiana is about two years away from getting medical marijuana to patients.



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Buying, selling, transporting, or donating fetal tissue from an abortion could earn someone a bed behind bars for at least 10 years, under a proposal by Bossier City Senator Ryan Gatti. The bill has been approved by the Senate, as well as a House committee. Gatti says people should not benefit in any way from induced abortions.

“We just need to go ahead and speak for the people and make this a crime because children are our destiny. They’re our hope. They’re our future. They’re not merchandise that needs to be sold,” Gatti said.

Gatti says this bill does not apply to donating fetal tissue for stem cell research or umbilical cord blood. He says he put every word that could possibly be used for this act, to make sure that everyone involved can be prosecuted.

“Even the FedEx guy if he’s picking up a box. I want to make it clear. I don’t want to hide anything in this bill. The transportation of these organs is a violation of this criminal law,” Gatti said.

The measure passed the House Health and Welfare committee without opposition and now heads to the full House.

The bill is the result of recent videos which purportedly showed Planned Parenthood representatives talking about the sale of aborted fetal parts.  


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A bill to allow victims of domestic violence who have been issued a protective order to carry a concealed handgun with an expedited and temporary permit passed out of the House Criminal Justice committee.

Author of the legislation, Denham Springs Rep. Valerie Hodges, says according to the FBI, a woman is battered every 15 seconds. She says she is committed to protecting victims of domestic violence. 

“13-hundred women are murdered every year in the United States. That’s more women murdered by their former spouse or boyfriend than that died in the World Trade Center.”

Hodges says this is a very real problem and right now it takes six to eight weeks to obtain a permit. Wade Duty with the Louisiana Shooting Association says it’s very hard to get into a class and a woman could be killed waiting to take a training course.

“At the end of the day, it is the woman and it is her attacker and a piece of paper simply does not weigh in the balance in that equation, I would ask you to support this bill.

The measure now heads to the full House. The NRA supports expediting the process for obtaining concealed carry permit. Hodges says daughters, sisters, and mothers are being murdered at the hands of former loved ones and wants to give them a chance.

“To give them something that could equalize their ability to survive when they are attacked, this won’t stop the attack.”



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Another proposal aimed at public schools by New Orleans Representative Walt Leger would require students to have wellness exams before entering kindergarten and sixth grade. Leger says this just ensures that any health issue that a student may have can be caught early.

“Clearly we want kids to show up ready to learn, making sure that they’ve been evaluated for vision, hearing issues, developmental disabilities, and otherwise,” Leger said.

But Houma Representative Beryl Amedee says this could cost the state more money, because kids who use government healthcare would be required to get medically unnecessary exams at the state’s expense.

“This would be driving a lot of students who are not medically needy of these appointments because they’re perfectly healthy to get these evaluations when they’re really not necessary,” Amedee said.

Leger says parents would be able to opt out of getting the exams, like they can with vaccines. He says these exams would benefit all students who get them, even if they are healthy.

“Even heathy students benefit from having a health evaluation. We don’t know that they’re healthy until they’ve been evaluated,” Leger said.

The measure passed on a 59-37 vote and moves to the Senate.



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Students in public schools could start getting lessons in personal finance management, if a bill by Minden Representative Gene Reynolds gains more approval in the legislature. The measure has been approved in the House Education Committee with no objection. Reynolds says this proposal would not create a financial literacy course. He says teachers could add finance lessons to the regular curriculum.

“It doesn’t have to be a course you would get credit for or anything. It could be incorporated within the year, and that’s the whole idea,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds says students in every grade can learn something about money. He says even in kindergarten, you learn to count pennies, which he says could be considered financial literacy. He says many schools are already teaching students about finance management.

“A lot of schools have incorporated on their own financial literacy within courses and as special projects,” Reynolds said.

The bill now moves to the House floor.



God Bless America & Our Home Louisiana !


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