Rod's Notes

Rod's Notes For Wednesday 07/31/13

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Tips for the week: Hot Tails restaurant New Roads “Hardcore” South La. Cuisine 225-638-4676


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People not properties


Paige Walker and her son Jarred are now with Lagniappe Realty.


Debbie Potter director of REO sales for Capital One is leaving the bank after 25 years. Debbie lives in the New Orleans area and I have suggested that Latter & Blum should hire her. Debbie tells me she is not sure she wants to work in real estate industry. Debbie Potter is a real pro she was an asset to Capital One and real player in Regional Real Estate. Big deal or small deal Debbie was a pleasure to work with.


Every Deal has a Tale / Tail:


Oil News

Goodrich Petroleum Corp. has acquired a major stake in 277,000 acres in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale, with plans to step up drilling activity in the area. Goodrich acquired Devon Energy Corp.’s two-thirds share of the 277,000 leased acres in the Tuscaloosa for $26.7 million. The deal lifts Houston-based Goodrich’s holdings to 320,000 acres in the Tuscaloosa and makes the company the largest player in the formation. Goodrich President and Chief Operating Office Robert Turnham Jr. said Tuesday that the company will spend $50 million this year drilling wells in the Tuscaloosa, but plans to kick up its activity on the newly acquired acreage.

Big mortgage

Marigold Aid Propco, LLC (301 Commerce St., Suite 3300, Fort Worth, TX 76102) to J P Morgan Chase Bank (383 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10179) - Marigold House, et al (5723 Jackson St., Alex., LA), $250,000,000.00

New Pineville Business

New Music store in Pineville on highway 28 East. Nugent Music and Audio more details will come later.

Deal of the week:

One year old church $250,000 highway 167 near Pollock, call Alvin Mykoff building is 25,000 sf includes some furniture.

Best Investment deal under $30,000

1107 Milam in Pineville needs some renovation same tenant for 20 years. Contract rent $335 market rent $450, tenant will stay at market rent.

Tennyson Oaks sales this year: Three home sales this week so I thought we might take a 7 month look

Lot sales

Ballina Farms, Inc. (Box 12487, Alex., LA 71301) to Tariq S & Erum A Ahmed (6102 Coty Dr., Alex., LA 71303) - Lot 175, Tennyson Oaks Subd., Phase 7E, $80,000.00

Ballina Farms, Inc. (P O Box 12487, Alex., LA 71315) to Christopher J & Tiffany A Bordelon (315 Cardinal Loop Road, Marksville, LA 71351) - Lot 168-B, Tennyson Oaks Subd., Phase 7E, $62,500.00

Ballina Farms, Inc. (P O Box 12487, Alex., LA 71315) to Robert L & Noel A Fontane (6417 Audubon Oaks, Alex., LA 71301) - Lot 189, Tennyson Oaks Subd., Phase 7C (6416 Arden Oaks, Alex., LA 71301), $62,500.00

Ballina Farms, Inc. (P O Box 12487, Alex., LA 71315) to Paul G & Cammie S Khoury (199 Orchard Run, Natchitoches, LA 71457) - Lot 183, Tennyson Oaks Subd., Phase 8 (6320 Arden Oaks, Alex., LA 71303), $63,000.00

Ballina Farms, Inc. (14876 Hwy. 8, Colfax, LA 71417) to Brandon B & Rachel M Thompson (1916 Mohon St., Alex., LA 71301) - Lot 215, Tennyson Oaks Subd., Phase 10, $58,500.00

Ballina Farms, Inc. (P O Box 12487, Alex., LA 71315) to Mickey R & Kimberly S Roberts (5445 Provine Place # 802, Alex., LA 71303) - Lot 200A, Tennyson Oaks Subd., Phase 9, $60,000.00

Ballina Farms, Inc. (P O Box 12487, Alex., LA 71315) to Bryan N Peart, Jr. & Inez M Peart (201 Peart Lane, Pineville, LA 71360) - Lot 180, Tennyson Oaks Subd., Phase 8 (6224 Arden Oaks, Alex., LA 71301), $61,500.00

Ballina Farms, Inc. (P O Box 12487, Alex., LA 71315) to Lewis Carruth Properties, LLC (810 West Shore Dr., Alex., LA 71303) - Lot 171, Tennyson Oaks Subd., Phase 7E, $81,500.00

Ronald L & Karen D Powell (5404 Dixie Lane, Alex., LA 71301) to Paul T Daniels & Janice Ivy-Daniels (202 West Bronson Dr., Alex., LA 71303) - Lot 192, Tennyson Oaks Subd., Phase 7D, $73,000.00

Home sales:

William L & Geraldine A Alexander (6112 Oakbridge Way # 303, Milford, OH 45150) to Philip R White, III & Wendy G White (6202 Bayou Crossing Dr., Alex., LA 71303) - Lot 86, Tennyson Oaks Subd., Phase III (6425 Moody Oaks, Alex., LA 71301), $428,000.00

Adrian Schoonover, Jr. (121 Sunridge Dr., Alex., LA 71302) to John D Miller, Jr. & Kaitlin D Miller (5909 Lynzee Dr., Alex., LA 71303) - Lot 45, Tennyson Oaks Subd. (6429 Tennyson Oaks Lane, Alex., LA 71301), $362,500.00

Daniel E & Sandra K Davis to Kevin Garrett (6317 Audubon Oaks, Alex., LA 71301) - Lot 151, Tennyson Oaks Subd., Phase 7B (6317 Audubon Oaks, Alex., LA 71301), $484,900.00

Jason & Amanda T Ingalls (2439 Coulee Crossing, Woodworth, LA 71485) to Marcus A Augustine (6132 Dixie Lane, Alex., LA 71301) - Lot 32, Tennyson Oaks Subd. (6428 Tennyson Oaks Lane, Alex., LA 71301), $350,000.00

Bryan N Peart, Jr. & Inez M Peart (201 Peart Lane, Pineville, LA 71360) to Christopher W & Sarah M Kegerreis (6425 Genevieve Dr., Alex., LA 71301) - Lot 187, Tennyson Oaks Subd., Phase 7C (6408 Arden Oaks Dr., Alex., LA 71301), $420,000.00

D Bruce & Susan H MacPherson (3108 Garden Hill Circle, Edmond, OK 37034) to Williedell C Bowman (8011 Old Parsonage Court, Alex., VA 22315) - Lot 106, Tennyson Oaks Subd., Phase V (6305 Morgan Oaks, Alex., LA 71301), $460,000.00

Bryon C & Tammi R Salazar (1412 Centre Court Dr., Suite 101, Alex., LA 71301) to David B & Nikki M Rhodes (P O Box 12848, Alex., LA 71315) - Lot 41, Tennyson Oaks Subd. (6524 Tennyson Oaks Lane, Alex., LA 71301), $419,000.00

Harold J Bayonne, Jr. (4822 West Garden Blvd., Alex., LA) to Marian D & Elliott Futrell (774 West Port Road, Martinez, GA 30907) - Lot 142, Tennyson Oaks Subd., Phase VII-A (6425 Audubon Oaks, Alex., LA 71301), $585,000.00

The Living Trust of Marcus and Kai Brown (6313 Tennyson Oaks Lane, Alex., LA 71301) to Marcus R Brown & Kai A Wicker-Brown (6313 Tennyson Oaks Lane, Alex., LA 71301) - Lot 112, Tennyson Oaks Subd., Phase VI (6408 Genevieve Dr., Alex., LA 71301), $475,000.

Next week we will look at Crossgates sales.

Welcome to the Capital headlines to page 29 published on page 29 in the Economist Magazine


Vincent Orange city council member is quoted as saying “at this point we don’t need retailers”. On July 10th council in D.C passed ordinance requiring retailers with at least $1 billion in annual sales and stores with more than 75,000 square feet must pay their workers $12.50 per hour. Union stores such as Giant and Safeway are exempted and ordinance does not apply to stores that have been opened more than 4 years. Who do you think the council is targeting. Wal-Mart will shelve plans for three new stores and reconsider three under construction if Mayor signs ordinance. A similar measure was vetoed by then-mayor Richard Dailey in Chicago in 2006 and Chicago now has 9 new stores. Who wins and who loses with this type of business development restrictions.


 Construction Contracts: 


State of LA, Military Dept. (Building 718 E St., Camp Beauregard, Pineville, LA 71360) to West Louisiana Construction Co., LLC (P O Box 293, Anacoco, LA 71403) - Building 550 floor tile replacement, $13,000.00


State of LA, Military Dept. (Building 718 E St., Camp Beauregard, Pineville, LA 71360) to West Louisiana Construction Co., LLC (P O Box 293, Anacoco, LA 71403) - Building 511 floor tile replacement, $15,500.00


Rapides Parish School Board (P O Box 1230, Alex., LA 71309) to CR Construction, Inc. (2100 Flowood Dr., Flowood, MS 39232) - RPSB Tioga High School Football Field Resurfacing, $648,


(+5.00) Rod’s economic indicator perfect score is 5. When top rating of 5 appears week after week I will share with our audience, that “Green Shots” is here and recovery is in full swing. 

 Legal recorder data: 5 business days from time period of July 22nd through 26th

(1)Total of 40 closed deals for the week has positive score

(2) At least one new home sale for the week has positive score

(3) At least one subdivision lot sale for the week garners positive score

(4) Number of lender sales in market place is less than 5% of the total market sales for the week.   


(+1.25) Total weekly volume: $5,743,716 with 47 sales for positive score this week.


(+1.25) Lot sales: To rank positive score need one sale per week the market gave us two and looks like 4 lots are under contract in Victoria Place.


V & V Properties, LLC (1223 MacArthur Dr., Alex., LA 71303) to Susan V Belgard (P O Box 12273, Alex., LA 71315) - Lots 1, 1A, 2 & 2A, Cedar Row Subd., $106,500.00


Michael Dole Properties, LLC (6704 Christina Oaks Dr., Alex., LA 71301) to Harold J Bayonne (4822 West Garden Blvd., Alex., LA 71303) - Lot 7, Victoria Place (6716 Christina oaks Dr., Alex., LA 71301), $100,000.00


(+1.25) New Home sales: Need a single sale for the week to rank positive score this week market provided single sale for positive ranking


Johnny Porter Builder, Inc. (42 Philadelphia Road, Pineville, LA 71360) to Ronald G Schellenger (111 Shady Crest Ave., Deville, LA 71328) - Lot 13, Shady Crest Subd., Phase II, $197,500.00


Wall Street Journal article titled “New Homes sell briskly, bucking rate rise”


Bullet points


1.    June new homes sales surged 8.3% increase over last month to a

2.    seasonally adjusted rate of 497,000 units

3.    Sales up 38% over last year

4.    Highest level since May 2008

5.    Pent up demand, better labor market and stronger consumer confidence

6.    Absorption rate new homes 3.9 months’ supply

7.    Median price new home up 7.4% from last year at $249,700

8.    Home sales July 2005 at annual rate of 1.4 million

9.    Bottom February 2011 at annual rate of 270,000


(+1.25) Lender Sales: Total lender sales needs to be less than 5% of total sales this week the market provided three sales with volume of $215,000 / $5,743,716 = 3.74%


JP Morgan Chase Bank (270 Park Ave., New York, NY 10017) to Robert S Alwell (400 Janet Dr., Pineville, LA 71360) - Lot 22, Forest Park Subd., Unit II (400 Janet Dr., Pineville, LA 71360), $166,000.00


The Money Shack, LLC (105 Bolton Ave., Alex., LA) to DJH Real Estate Investments, LLC (1104 Palmer Chapel Road, Pineville, LA 71360) - Part of Lot 7, Kolin Acres, $16,000.00


Fannie Mae (14221 Dallas Parkway, Suite 1000, Dallas, TX 75254) to MSN Properties, LLC (131 Celina Dr., Natchitoches, LA 71457) - Lot 6, Sq 2, Pine Subd. (108 Glendale St., Pineville, LA 71360), $33,000.00


Interest rates, 30 year rate was 4.30% this week is 4.36%, the 15 year rate was 3.38% this week it is 3.42%.


Robert Kinberger weekly comparisons





Last Week

YTD return %









S&P 500








Russell 2000





Consumer Money Rates



1-year ago

Prime Rate



Fed Funds



30-year mortgage







1-year ago

Dollars per British Pound



Dollars per Euro



Japanese Yen per Dollar



Canadian Dollars per Dollar



Mexican Peso per Dollar







1-year ago

Crude Oil







God Bless America!

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