Rod's Notes

Rod's Notes For Wednesday 08/31/11

Wednesday 08/31/11


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Attachments, Announcements, and Travels:


Rod, Use this for your show on Wed.


We are starting construction on a Dollar General project in Santa Fe NM & have some Prairie Dogs that are on the property. Local ordinance requires we hire an “Approved Prairie Dog Trapper”. You just can’t make this kind of stuff up!!


All you Need to Know about Government Bureaucracy

Pythagorean theorem ....................................................24 words (basically a squared = b squared = c squared)**

Lord's prayer ..................................................................66 words

Archimedes' Principle ...................................................67 words (buoyancy theory 212 BC) **

10 Commandments ......................................................179 words

Gettysburgaddress .....................................................286 words

Declaration of Independence ...................................1,300 words

US Constitution with 27 Amendments ................... 7,818 words

US Government regulations on sale of cabbage 26,911 words


What have we learned in 2,066 years? - Cicero - 55 BC

"The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance."


Read my first blog this week read Lamar White’s blog he is definitely not in the “maybe column” with his opinion but boy he sure writes well.


LRAPAC auction September 15th you can bid and buy dinner with former Edwin Edwards.


Friday night high school football starts this week, hopefully our community will step up and support players, coaches, band, dance line, and cheer leaders.


Featured property of the week: Mardi Gras Plaza on Jackson street Matt Ritchie’s listing but I can sell it to you.



People not properties:


Howard Mulder 91 past away this week, he and late wife Eloise restored Ashton Plantation. Howard was one of 5 share holders of family business Millers Welding equipment. Share with listeners Buddy Roemer fund raiser and visit to their home in Palm Desert.


Both of our state’s United States Senator’s made visits this month to meet with local Chamber of Commerce. Why couldn’t this be front page?


LLC who are they


Southern Heritage Bank Vs PSB Partners, LLC, et al, $211,215.01


Every Deal has a tale / tail.


Prudential Gardner dropped the Prudential Franchise this past Monday and will now be known as Gardner Realty


Zoning Commission approved two tax credit housing developments this past week, will be interesting to see what Economic and Development committee does with these items when they are placed on the agenda.


Penske Fleet management opened last month on Industrial Ave. former home for H&E equipment. This was a push, pull, and drag deal for V&V.  


Rod’s economic indicatorperfect score is 5. When top rating of 5 appears week after week I will share with our audience, that “Green Shots” is here and recovery is in full swing.


Legal recorder data for five business day August 22, 2011 though August 26, 2011


(1)Total of 40 closed deals for the week has positive score

(2) At least one new home sale for the week has positive score

(3) At least one subdivision lot sale for the week garners positive score

(4) Number of lender sales in market place is less than 5% of the total market sales for the week.

(5) Two random residential sales compared to average prices for 2008, 2009 and 2010 that demonstrate increase prices.


Total saleslooking for 40 closed deals from previous week market provided volume $5,449,187 with 50 sales. Last week in the month last month in summer buyer’s cycle, and 4.5% interest rate. My hope was this week would be north of $5,000,000 and 50 sales. Our market is so lucky compared to other parts of the nation. Let’s talk why?


England Air Base Closing less than 2 decades past

Rural markets did better than urban in more moderate buying and borrowing.

Did not participate in the bubble, said on the show just 48 months back 20% to 40% was not only unsustainable but was dangerous.


(0) Random salescomparison: We track average sales price in certain subdivision for 2008 through 2010 and compare it to a sale this. One up and one down for zero sum score.  


Jimmy R & Belinda W Dillon (99 Birdie Lane 22-3, Branson West, MO 65737) to Linda L Rogers (4040 Parliament Dr., Apt. 133, Alex., LA 71303) - Lot 16, Sq A, Castle Village Subd. (3712 Gingerbread Road, Alex., LA 71303), $142,500.00


Gerald J Deselle (641 Brockenbrough Court, Metairie, LA 70005) to B2 Property Management, LLC (117 Eola Dr., Alex., LA 71303) - Lot 13, Blk A, L E DeSelle Subd. (4208 Leon Dr., Alex., LA 71303), $110,000.00. Average for 11 sales since January 2008 is $135,000 sale we are tracking $110,000


Snap shot sample but if week after week I see negative rating in both random sales it demonstrate decline in values which has been uncomfortable mostly with appraisers but not yet painful in general market.  


Lot Sales or home site acreage: Only need one sale for positive score and this week the market gave us


Travis S Young & Brian T Young (50 Perry Road, Forest Hill, LA 71430) to Armando & Adelina Rubio (48 Lamkin Road, Forest Hill, LA 71430) - 2 acres in Sec 22, T1NR1W, $16,000.00


Travis S Young & Brian T Young (50 Perry Road, Forest Hill, LA 71430) to Ray V & Nataya P Atkinson (66 Perry Road, Forest Hill, LA 71430) - 4.697 acres in Sec 22, T1NR1W, $57,727.50


Paula J Moore (P O Box 156, Hineston, LA 71438) to Mark E Moore (140 Harper Road, Hineston, LA 71438) - 10 acres in Sec 25, T2NR4W (140 Harper Road, Hineston, LA 71438), $15,000.00


DONK, LLC (1580 Hwy. 115, Deville, LA 71328) to James E Deegan (833 Hiawatha Trail, Pineville, LA 71360) - 1.15 acres in Sec 21, T5NR1E, et al, $30,000.00


Frankie C & Sharon B Foster (4715 Whispering Pines Loop, Pineville, LA 71360) to Jessica R Williams (25 Big Island Loop, Deville, LA 71328) - 2.228 acres in Sec 4, T4NR2E, $35,000.00


New Home sales positive score requires only one sale for the week:


V & V Builders, LLC (1223 MacArthur Dr., Alex., LA 71303) to Chrystal K Thompson (176 West Lauren Dr., Alex., LA 71303) - Lot 331, West Pointe on The Bayou, Phase XII (176 West Lauren Dr., Alex., LA 71303), $352,000.00


Bryan N Peart, Jr. & Inez M Peart (201 Peart Lane, Pineville, LA 71360) to Timothy E & Colleen M Velotta (6412 Arden Oaks, Alex., LA 71301) - Lot 188, Tennyson Oaks Subd., Phase 7-C (6412 Arden Oaks, Alex., LA 71301), $415,000.00


Gary Elliott Construction, Inc. (1201 Brannon Road, Pineville, LA 71360) to Travis A & Heather C Roy (5 Prairie View Road, Deville, LA 71328) - Tract in Sec 4, T4NR3E (5 Prairie View Road, Deville, LA 71328), $167,000.00


Zero rains days during summer construction season you would think every building project is ahead of schedule. The oppressive heat has greatly reduced work production according to my friend Scott Wallace project manager at the Lake District.  


Lender total Salesrates positive score if lender sales are below 5% of total sales.


The Evangeline Bank (P O Box 12900, Alex., LA 71315) to Price Co Development Corp. (1935 Melrose St., Pineville, LA 71360) - Lot 29-A, Gardner Acres Subd., Rev. # 2 (46 Kendall Lane, Boyce, LA 71409), $10,000.00


Dept. of HUD to Mill Half, Inc. (P O Box 5463, Alex., LA 71307) - Lot 9, Blk 2, College Park Addn., $52,500.00


Dept. of HUD to William Mattox (6703 Isabella Dr., Alex., LA 71301) - Lot 1, Blk 7, Penny Acres Subd., $77,777.00


Lender to Guarantor (it’s yours now)


Bank of America to Federal National Mtg. Assoc. - Tract in Sec 18, T2NR1W, et al, $173,637.72


Aurora Loan Services, LLC (2617 College Park Dr., Scottsbluff, NE 69341) to Sec. of Veterans Affairs - 3.619 acres in Sec 18, T2Nr4W, $49,420.20


Midfirst Bank (999 NW Grand Boulevard, Oklahoma City, OK 73118) to Dept. of HUD - Lot 32, Sq A, Crawford Addn., $26,160.20


Interest Rates: 30 year fixed is 4.19% was 4.35% the 15 year rate is 3.43% was 3.51% . 5/1 ARM is 2.92% was below 2.89%.



Archimede’s Principle: an object is immersed in a fluid is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object. This became known as Archimede's principle. The weight of the displaced fluid can be found mathematically. The fluid displaced has a weight W = mg. The mass can now be expressed in terms of the density and its volume, m = pV. Hence, W = pVg.

In mathematics, the Pythagorean theorem or Pythagoras' theorem is a relation in Euclidean geometry among the three sides of a right triangle (right-angled triangle)the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides. In terms of areas, it states:


God Bless America!

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