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LAPD Shooting: Skid Row Suspect Grabbed for Gun, Chief Says

Marcus Yam/ LA Times via Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- The man fatally shot by Los Angeles police officers "repeatedly refused to comply with officers demands," and evidence shows he grabbed at a police officer's pistol before he was shot, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck told reporters on Monday.

Beck showed photos of the officer's weapon that showed alterations he said were consistent with a struggle over the weapon.

"As you can see, the slide is partially engaged and a round has been partially ejected and fouled the firing chamber," Beck said. "This is indicative of a struggle over the weapon. As you can also see, the magazine is dislodged from its resting place. This is also indicative of force used on the weapon. There's also a screen grab from a privately taken video. If you examine that, it appears that the suspect's hand is reaching for the officer's waistband in the area where his pistol would be located."

The officers involved in the shooting were not identified, but Beck said two were treated for injuries and one is now using crutches.

He added that officers first used a stun gun against the man and then shot him after responding to a robbery call.

"It appears to me the officers acted compassionately up until the time when force was required," Beck said.

Beck said the investigation will take video footage of the event into account, including video from two body cameras that were worn by the officers involved in the incident.

At least two of the officers had been through the most extensive mental illness training offered by the department and had experience working with the largely homeless population of the area, known as Skid Row.

"The Skid Row population is very transient, obviously, and this individual had only been there a short amount of I don't know about his familiarity to the officers," Beck said.

The investigation into Sunday's fatal shooting may take up to five months, a LAPD source familiar with the incident told ABC News.

“These are some of the most exhaustive investigations we do,” Beck told reporters.

Whether or not the man tried grabbing one of the officers’ weapons is going to be at the heart of the investigation.

"When you see an individual moving that way with their arms flailing around, that’s a concern," said former LAPD officer Steve Gomez, who now works as a consultant for ABC News.

"If he happened to get his hand on one of the officers’ guns, that would trigger that kind of reaction from one of the officers," Gomez said.

The LAPD's specialized Force Investigative Division has already been dispatched to the scene of the Skid Row shooting to collect evidence and interview witnesses, the LAPD wrote in a statement on its blog, but another key portion of the investigation will be based on photos and videos of the altercation.

The first video posted to Facebook hours after the shooting has already received more than 5.2 million views, but that is not the only footage that will be carefully examined.

The source told ABC News that at least one of the officers involved in the altercation was wearing a body camera.

The LAPD's Office of the Inspector General will be coordinating with the FID team, which will then present its report to the LAPD Use of Force Board.

A separate investigation will also be conducted by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Justice System Integrity Division.

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What We Know About the Man Shot by LAPD Officers

Obtained by ABC News(LOS ANGELES) -- Details are emerging about the man who was fatally shot by police officers in an incident caught on camera.

Authorities have not released the man's name, but the Los Angeles County Coroner told ABC News affiliate KABC-TV that he was a black man in his 30s.

Witnesses told KABC that the man was called "Africa."

"What did he do? He wasn't an aggravated person," said Steven Tugmon, a person on Skid Row who spoke to KABC. "He wasn't mad all the time. He just had mental problems."

The coroner reported that "Africa" was a "possible transient."

The shooting took place on the city's Skid Row, a stretch of Central Los Angeles where many of the city's homeless congregate.

The man's official autopsy is pending and a police investigation into the shooting is underway.

The video of the shooting was shared on Facebook and has already received close to 5.2 million views.

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Boston Marathon Bombing Trial: Lawyers Argue over Tsarnaev’s Blood-Stained Hiding Place

Obtained by ABC News(BOSTON) -- Defense attorneys for accused marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev want jurors to see the blood-splattered, bullet-riddled boat where the then teenager wrote a note as he hid, wounded and bleeding, hours before being captured by police.

"The evidence here is the boat. It’s movable and it’s very powerful. The jury should be able to see it. It’s really quite striking," argued Tsaraev’s defense attorney William Fick in court Monday. "The jury should be allowed to see that in its entirety."

Among the scrawlings Tsarnaev's attorneys now acknowledged he wrote on the boat is “We Muslims are one body. You kill one of us, you hurt us all.”

"The government is killing our innocent civilians but most of you already know that,” another portion of the blood-streaked message says. Parts of the note can be seen in an image from the boat obtained by ABC News.

Prosecutors objected to the defense’s argument, telling the court that the boat itself is “very large” and full of “dried blood, broken glass, all kinds of debris.”

"What the defense really wants the jury to see is the boat riddled with bullets," argued assistant US Attorney William Weinreb.

Defense attorneys want jurors to have access to the entire Slip Away II, which was dry-docked in the Watertown backyard of its owner and covered with a tarp.

Prosecutors said photos of the bloody note should be sufficient, but they may be willing to extract panels of the boat, rather than let jurors access the entire boat.

Tsarnaev was captured on the boat on April 19, 2013, a day after he and his older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, allegedly executed MIT Police Officer Sean Collier and then led police on a high speed chase in Watertown that ended with when the brothers allegedly exchanged bullets with police and tossed bombs in the street. Tamerlan was killed in the firefight and Dzhokhar went on the run for 16 hours.

Days earlier, prosecutors said, the brothers detonated two pressure cooker bombs near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, killing three people -- including an 8-year-old boy -- and wounding 260 others. Many of the victims were maimed for life, including 16 people who lost limbs.

Both sides also sparred over autopsy photos of the victims. Defense attorneys said that the pictures would traumatize victims' families all over again. “They are horrific. They are disturbing,’’ defense attorney Miriam Conrad told the court.

Prosecutors told the court the pictures of the dead were an essential part of the government's case and "chosen carefully."

O'Toole did not rule on any of the motions Monday. Opening statements in Tsarnaev’s murder trial are expected Wednesday morning.

Tsarnaev was in court for Monday’s hearing, wearing dress shoes, a black blazer and sporting a recent haircut with a neatly trimmed beard on his chin.

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New York Woman Found Guilty of Poisoning Son with Salt Water YORK) -- A New York jury convicted a mother of second-degree murder Monday in the salt-poisoning death of a 5-year-old boy that prosecutors likened to “torture.”

Jurors in Westchester County deliberated for over three days before finding Lacey Spears guilty. She will be sentenced on April 8.

Garnett Spears was taken to the hospital in January 2014 for an unexplained, and extremely dangerous level of sodium in his system. He died several days later.

Five months after the boy’s death, Lacey Spears surrendered to police. She pleaded not guilty at the time.

The defense blamed the hospital for the boy’s death, but prosecutors said there was no explanation other than the mother’s deliberate introduction of salt into his feeding tube.

During a 14-day trial, prosecutors said Spears did it for attention. She had posted frequently to Facebook about her son’s health problems.

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Gold Rush: Armed Robbers Steal $4M in Gold from Truck

iStock/Thinkstock(WILSON, N.C.) -- Three armed suspects are on the run after allegedly robbing a tractor trailer on Sunday that was transporting a shipment of millions of dollars worth of gold and silver, police said.

Two armed security security guards told police they were traveling from Miami to Massachusetts along I-95 and pulled over in eastern North Carolina after experiencing mechanical problems, according to the Wilson County Sheriff's Office.

The pair was approached by three armed men driving a white van who ordered the men onto the ground, tied their hands behind their backs and made them walk into the woods, police said.

During that time, the suspects allegedly took gold and silver estimated to be worth more than $4,000,000, police said.

The security guards worked for TransValue Inc., a Miami-based shipping security company that ships goods for companies and banks working within the precious metals industry. The company's CEO, Jesus Rodriguez, confirmed the robbery to ABC News and said that an internal investigation is underway.

The FBI has been contacted and the investigation is ongoing.

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Report: Justice Department Report to Criticize Ferguson PD Practices

Scott Olson/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- The Justice Department is getting close to releasing the report on its investigation of the Ferguson, Missouri police department. It's expected to be critical of the department's practices leading up to last year's shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown.

The emotion that boiled over last summer had been simmering for a long time in Ferguson. For years, the report says according to The New York Times, the police created racial animosity within the city by pulling over and arresting African Americans disproportionately and relying on the fines to balance the city budget.

While officer Darren Wilson is expected to be cleared of civil rights charges in the shooting death of unarmed teen Michael Brown, this report could lead to a lawsuit against or settlement with the city.

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More Snow and Ice Impact Weekend Plans; New Storm On the Way

Photodisc/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Another blast of snow and ice impacted weekend plans from the Midwest to the Northeast on Sunday.

A half foot of snow was reported from central Missouri to the central Ohio Valley through Sunday morning. Up to 9 inches of snow fell in central Illinois and snowfall accumulations hit 8 inches in northern Indiana.

The southern side of this latest winter storm brought freezing rain to the mid-Atlantic region Sunday morning. The freezing rain eventually moved farther north, reaching central Pennsylvania to New Jersey by Sunday afternoon.

More than a quarter inch of ice accumulated in parts of Maryland, with a glaze to two-10ths of an inch of ice reported throughout much of the mid-Atlantic, icing over roads and causing numerous accidents throughout the day.

On Sunday evening, the heaviest of the precipitation was focused over the Northeast with snow falling from New York City north to Boston, and freezing rain falling for areas south of Interstate 80.

The highest snowfall totals in the Northeast stretch from northwestern Pennsylvania and along the New York state line into southern New England. More than 6 inches of snow was expected in this region, with isolated totals up to 8 inches possible.

The heaviest of the snow fell just south of Boston, however several inches of snow were expected there as well. With 5.6 inches of snow, this winter would tie the record for the city's all-time snowiest season, and it looks like they will come up just short of that with this event.

The snow and freezing rain ended early Monday morning, right before the busy morning commute. However, some slick spots on area roadways are still possible.

Another winter storm will be taking aim on millions of Americans beginning Monday night and hitting many of the same locations that received snow over the weekend.

However, the next storm will track north and bring more rain than snow to many cities. Some heavy rain is possible as well prompting flooding concerns from the Tennessee Valley to New England given the current widespread snow cover throughout the country.

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WATCH: Store Clerk Fights Off, Shoots Robber in Kentucky

WTVQ(LEXINGTON, Ky.) -- A clerk at a Lexington, Kentucky, tobacco store fended off an attempted robbery -- a tense altercation that was captured on the store’s surveillance camera.

Zara Adil, 21, was working Friday at Tobacco Zone when two men entered the store wearing masks. One of the men can be seen approaching the register and demanding cash, brandishing a handgun. Adil obliged, opening the register and then stepping away.

That’s when the would-be robber made his mistake -- setting down his gun to gather the money.

“So I picked up the gun and pointed it at the second guy, and said, ‘You run or I will shoot you,’” she told ABC News affiliate WTVQ in an interview.

Despite the warning, the man approached.

Adil fired the gun, and the man was shot in the shoulder. A fight ensued -- and the man eventually ran away, without the money.

Adil suffered a few minor injuries, but considered her actions justified in defending the store that her parents own and operate.

"If more people stand up, they won't have that much courage to go around and do what they're doing," she told WTVQ.

Lexington Police later issued a warrant for Darnell Thomas, Jr., 30, in connection with the armed robbery attempt.

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Fatal Los Angeles Police Shooting Caught on Video

Obtained by ABC News(LOS ANGELES) -- A Los Angeles police officer shot and killed a man during a confrontation in the city's Skid Row area Sunday, in an incident that was caught on video.

Police said officers were responding to a report of a robbery, and when they confronted the suspect, there was an altercation.

"The preliminary investigation revealed that during that altercation, at least one less than lethal device, a Taser, was deployed. However, at this time, we still do not know if that Taser did strike the suspect," LAPD Sgt. Barry Montgomery said.

"After that, the struggle continued and an officer-involved shooting occurred," he said.

LAPD Commander Andrew Smith said the man reached for an officer's weapon while resisting arrest.

"Anytime we have an officer-involved shooting and there's a loss of life, people are upset and justifiably so. Nobody out there, no police officer out there, wants to be involved in a situation like this where you have to take someone else's life," Smith said.

Witnesses such as Larry Jackson said the man was already subdued when officers shot him.

"Next thing I knew, I heard one shot and I looked over across the street and I see three more shots being fired at the guy who was laying down on the ground. Instead of handcuffing the guy, they straight out shot him," Jackson said.

A video that was posted to Facebook records the struggle, and then the moment when an officer shot the man.

Police have not released the name of the suspect. The LAPD's specialized Force Investigative Division and Los Angeles County District Attorney's Justice System Integrity Division are reviewing the shooting.

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Truck Goes Through Ice on Frozen New Jersey River

U.S. Coast Guard(TOMS RIVER, N.J.) -- The driver and passenger of a truck that fell through the ice while doing "donuts" on a frozen New Jersey river were found safe Sunday, but officials say a dog was found dead in the submerged pickup.

Someone called the Toms River Police Department shortly after midnight Sunday to say they saw a truck driving on the frozen river, police said.

When officers arrived, they saw the small pickup truck on the ice, police said. The headlight and brake lights could be seen from the shoreline as the vehicle headed towards the far side of the river, but suddenly the lights were no longer visible, police said.

Firefighters from Toms River and Island Heights began a search, along with the New Jersey State Police and Coast Guard helicopter units.

A large hole in the ice was eventually spotted, and divers and rescuers found the truck 100 feet under the water with no one in it around 10:30 a.m.


A #USCG aircrew located a truck that fell through the ice on Toms River early Sunday. @NJSP dive team is responding.

— USCG Mid-Atlantic (@uscgmidatlantic) March 1, 2015


The driver and a passenger of the truck both later voluntarily turned themselves in to police, and it appears there were no other people in the vehicle, officials said.


NJSP TEAMS Unit conducted Successful Dive confirmed, No persons in Pickup; Boxer mix dog found in pkup. 2 subjects in custody.

— NJSP - State Police (@NJSP) March 1, 2015


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Watch 90-Year-Old Vet Take Wild Sled Ride

Courtesy Anthony Smith(NEW YORK) -- Snow days aren't just for kids.

A 90-year-old man is clearly young at heart after taking a wild sled ride last week that was all documented on his grandson-in-law's go-pro.

The video begins with Claude Bratcher getting lowered comfortably onto the sled. After a dog jumps in his lap, the ride starts up as Bratcher's son pulls the sled from a four-wheeler.

"It was Claude's idea," Bratcher's grandson-in-law Anthony Smith, 35, told ABC News Saturday. "He'd been watching us sled for about an hour. After an hour he says, 'Well I think I want to go sled behind the four-wheeler.' He didn't want to just sled down the hill, he wanted to sled down the four-wheeler."

The video shows the sled pulling Bratcher faster and faster as the dog happily runs alongside him in the snow, keeping up almost the entire way.

"We were concerned, but we weren't really going that fast," Smith said. "He just wanted to do it because it was fun. He hadn't done anything like that in a while."

It's hard to tell Bratcher's expression during the high-speed ride, but as the sled comes to a stop, you can see the 90-year-old crack a smile as his family gathers around him.

Bratcher, a World War II veteran, lives "right across the road" from his granddaughter and grandson-in-law, Smith said.

Bratcher and his wife were married for more than 50 years before she passed away a few years ago, Smith said.

"One thing about Claude is he keeps going. He's real mobile," Smith said. "Every day, he gets out and does something on the farm. I think that's kind of the key of what's kept him young and alive. Just to stay going."

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February Set Cold, Snow Records Around Northeast, More Winter Weather On the Way

ron hilton/iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- February was one of the coldest, snowiest months in recent memory for many cities around the east coast.

According to the National Weather Service's station in Boston, records for snowfall were set in Boston; Providence, Rhode Island; Hartford, Connecticut and Worcester, Massachusetts. Worcester and Hartford also saw records set for coldest monthly average temperature.


Please RT! Well, S New England, we made it through one of the worst DJFs in some time, and Feb was one of the worst:

— NWS Boston (@NWSBoston) March 1, 2015

The Mount Holly, Pennsylvania office of the NWS said that this winter is projected to be one of the top six coldest.



Feb 2015 is shaping up to be in the top 6 coldest! Here are some *preliminary* numbers based on the latest forecast.

— NWS Mount Holly (@NWS_MountHolly) February 27, 2015

In Maine, the NWS says that last month was the coldest February of all-time and ranks behind only January 1971 for coldest month in history.



Feb 2015 is coldest Feb of all-time @portlandjetport and ranks #2 only behind Jan 1971 (12.2) for coldest month ever!

— NWS Gray (@NWSGray) March 1, 2015


Meanwhile, more snow and cold are making their way towards the northeast, with flakes falling from New York to Washington, D.C. early Sunday afternoon.

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"The People's Court" Missing Mother: Orlando Police Renew Search Years Later

Alex_Schmidt/iStock/Thinkstock(ORLANDO) -- Police in Orlando, Florida, renewed their search for a mother of three whose episode on The People's Court with her former fiance aired the same day she disappeared nearly four years ago.

Michelle Parker was last seen on Nov. 17, 2011, the same day the prerecorded episode featuring herself and her former fiance, Dale Smith, aired nationally as they attempted to resolve a dispute over a $5,000 engagement ring.

Investigators have considered Smith, the father of Parker's twins, the lone person of interest in her disappearance, although he has never been charged.

Orlando police on Friday revisited a wooded area near Smith's home where Parker was last seen dropping off their toddlers, and the body of water where her cell phone was found two weeks later. According to authorities, about 30 officers searched for roughly three hours and Parker's family was present during the search.

Although the search teams combed through the wooded area, they came up empty.

"It's agony not knowing what happened to your child," Parker's mother, Yvonne Stewart, told ABC News. "They thought they should go back and take a look at these woods."

Parker's mother said authorities told her that search teams were looking for a decal that was missing from Parker's Humvee when it was found days later in a parking lot across town.

"I don't want to find her dead. I want to find her alive." said Parker's father Brad.

Smith's attorney told reporters that his client committed no crime. He has custody of their children.

"We are going to find Michelle," said Brad Parker. "It's just a matter of time."

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Alleged Street Race Driver Charged With Murder in Fatal Los Angeles Crash

Jacob Ammentorp Lund/iStock/Thinkstock(LOS ANGELES) -- One of the alleged drivers involved in a fatal crash stemming from an illegal street race has been charged with murder.

Henry Gevorgyan turned himself in to Los Angeles police late Saturday. Police say he was one of the drivers involved in a fatal crash that was the "result of an illegal street race" in the Chatsworth neighborhood of the city on Thursday.

During the race, police say Gevorgyan, 21, lost control of his Ford Mustang and drove into a crowd of about 60 people, killing two and injuring others.

Police said that the Mustang was modified to race, and that the tire marks indicated that Gevorgyan accelerated too quickly and may have lost control when he was shifting gears.

"Street racing, all too often, is publicized as glamorous entertainment," Los Angeles Police Captain John McMahon said Thursday. "Here's a case where street racing is criminal, dangerous, and unfortunately this morning, we see it's deadly."

Gevorgyan did not have an attorney, according to jail records. Bail was set at $2 million.

A second suspect in the crash is still at large, police said. One of the onlookers who was injured remains in critical condition.

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Snowstorm Heading for Boston Could Break City's All-time Snow Record

bizoo_n/iStock/Thinkstock(BOSTON) -- The record-breaking month of February may be coming to a close for Boston, but with a new month comes a new snowstorm.

A Winter Storm Watch was issued by the National Weather Service early Saturday morning for the city of Boston and much of southern New England, including Hartford, Connecticut, and Providence, Rhode Island.

This is in anticipation of another round of snow on the way Sunday evening. Boston has experienced its second snowiest season so far with 102 inches of snow, only 5.6 inches away from the all-time record set during the 1995-1996 season.

Boston has tripled its average snowfall to date so far, and it is also the city's snowiest February on record. The city has also had one of its coldest Februaries on record, with this year likely being Boston's second coldest February.

The ABC Weather Team is currently forecasting 3 to 6 inches of snow for Boston by early Monday morning, which could make this season the city's snowiest.

Snow showers will move into the Northeast on Sunday morning and into the early afternoon. However, by Sunday evening, a steadier and heavier snow will overspread the region, reaching Boston closer to sunset.

A wintry mix and even some rain is expected for locations closer to the coast and farther south, including southern New England, New York City, and areas south of Interstate 80.

The city of Boston is forecast to remain all snow throughout the event; therefore, several inches of snow is expected.

The storm will be clearing out of the Northeast by early Monday morning, with the snow likely over before the morning commute throughout the region. Scattered snow showers will linger across northern New England into Monday afternoon with blustery conditions expected from Pennsylvania to Maine.

Even though temperatures will be near or slightly above the freezing mark for most of the Northeast by Monday afternoon, windy conditions will lead to wind chills values below freezing throughout the day.

There have already been reports of a number of roof collapses in New England, including at a skating rink in Canton, Mass., a home in New Braintree, Mass, and another residence in Providence, Rhode Island.

In Dallas, the storm system left travel issues in its wake. More than 700 flights were cancelled into or out of Dallas-Fort Worth Airport on Saturday due to icy conditions.

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