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Governor Bobby Jindal issues an emergency declaration so the state can prepare for potential flooding in northwest and central Louisiana as a result of the rising Red River.
(picture courtesy of Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office)

25-thousand sandbags are on their way to Bossier to help that Parish protect itself from high water. Officials say the Red River is expected to crest at 34 feet on June 6th in Bossier.

The state department of Wildlife and Fisheries also has high water vehicles and shallow water boats on standby for possible search and rescue mission requests.  
Experts say this flooding will be comparable to the flooding last seen in the area 25 years ago in 1990.  


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The LSU Tigers fell behind 2-0 to Lehigh, but the bats got going in the 4th inning and defeated the Mountain Hawks 10-3. While the LSU softball team dropped its first game in the WCWS, losing 4-0 to Florida. 

At Alex Box Stadium, the Tiger fell behind 2-0 in the top of the 4th inning, but tied the game in the bottom half. LSU went on to score one run in the 5th inning, 3 runs in the 6th inning and two more runs in the 7th and 8th innings.
The bottom of the batting order had a good day, as the 6-7-8 hitters, Andrew Stevenson, Chris Chinea and Jake Fraley each scored two runs. Stevenson had three hits and drove in a run. 
LSU used seven pitchers. Austin Bain had the longest outing as he threw three innings and allowed two runs.
The game was delayed for over two hours, because of a thunderstorm that arrived after the top of the 1st inning. LSU plays again in a winner's bracket contest on Saturday night.
The LSU softball team could not solve Florida pitcherLauren Haeger, who threw seven shutout innings in a 4-0 victory. The Tigers could only manage five hits. Carley Hoover suffered the loss as she alllowed 3 runs in 5.2 innings. 
The Tigers play again on Saturday night.  


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UL Lafayette scored 5 runs in the 9th inning to beat Rice University 7-6 in the opening round of the Houston Regional. The Cajuns came into the 9th inning trailing 6-2, but Rice pitchers in that inning walked four and there was an error to allow UL Lafayette to come from behind for the dramatic win.

Evan Powell had three hits, while Greg Davis drove in three runs. Davis had a two-run single in the 9th inning.
Will Bacon was the winning pitcher as he allowed 3 runs in 3.2 innings. Dylan Moore pitched a perfect 9th inning for the save.
UL Lafayette advances to a winner's bracket game, where they'll like take on Houston at 7 PM on Saturday.  


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State Inspector General Stephen Street is advising Governor Bobby Jindal to use privately funded email accounts and websites to support or oppose candidates.
On Wednesday, Jindal, who has aspirations for the White House, attacked Republican Presidential candidate Rand Paul through his office with official state letterhead.

The press release from Jindal was titled "unsuited to be Commander-in-Chief."
The IG’s office received complaints alleging that Jindal violated the state Constitution for using public resources to politically attack Paul.
In a report released by Street, he suggested that Jindal use privately-funded email accounts and websites when launching political attacks "to avoid confusion and any appearance of impropriety."  


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In a bizarre incident, Baton Rouge Police report a man wielding an ax went after a police officer.  Spokesman Cpl. L'Jean McKneely says officers responded to a call about 41-year-old Deandre Trahan walking around and attempting to burglarize homes.  

He says after an officer located Trahan and called for backup.  McKneely says when the officer stepped out of his car, Trahan attacked him while holding the ax.
"A physical altercation ensued between the two.  The officer was overpowered and thrown to the ground and Mr. Trahan then entered the car and fled the scene in the police unit."

He says they used GPS to locate the cruiser in West Baton Rouge Parish.  McKneely says spike strips were deployed to disable the car.

"Mr. Trahan was tased multiple times, transported to a local hospital, and then booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison for armed robbery and criminal damage to property."

Additional charges could follow.  The officer received moderate injuries in the incident and has been released from the hospital.  McKneely says the investigation is ongoing and they are trying to determine what motivated Trahan.

"We don't know just yet.  We're not sure if he's mentally challenged or if he was under the influence of some type of narcotic." 


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Former Saints safety Darren Sharper pleads guilty to drug and rape charges Friday in New Orleans federal court. The 39-year-old Sharper pleaded guilty to three counts of conspiracy to distribute drugs with the intent to commit rape.

Legal analyst Chick Foret says Sharper’s “global” plea deal limits his sentence to 9 years, which Judge Jane Milazzo can choose to accept or reject.
"If she chooses not to accept that, then he'll have a chance to withdraw his plea.  But the judge is going to wait on a pre-sentence investigation report.  Sentencing has been set for August 20th."

Sharper is scheduled for sentencing on August 20th. Foret says the hearing was pretty standard. He says the government read into the record the factual basis of Sharper’s case and also talked about the co-defendants in this case, Erik Nunez and Brandon Licciardi.

"Part of the plea bargain is that Darren Sharper has agreed to cooperate against others.  I would assume Mr. Nunes and Mr. Licciardi and perhaps even others."

Under his “global” plea deal, Sharper will plead guilty in state court to two counts of forcible rape and one count of simple rape. Foret says Sharper’s deal with prosecutors in four states looks to be unfolding in his favor.

"In federal court, he's plead guilty.  We now have a matter pending in state court, we'll have to see what happens with that in front of Judge Herman.  But slowly but surely Mr. Sharper's 'global' plea bargain is coming together."


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Michelle Southern reporting.
Saturday and Sunday is the 2015 Louisiana Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday. Hurricane Season starts Monday and Department of Revenue spokeswoman Kizzy Payton says this weekend Louisiana residents can purchase preparedness items without having to pay the 4 percent state sales tax.

Payton says eligible items include self powered light sources and radios, gas or diesel fuel tanks, most all types of batteries including those for cell phones, generators, storm shutter devices and more.

"The exemption applies to the first $1500 dollars of the purchase price of each item," said Payton.

She says they strongly encourage people to take advantage of this and get prepared now.

"Don't wait until there's a storm coming or until one arrives," said Payton. "You can save some money this weekend while helping to keep your family safe."



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The US Army agrees to pick up the tab on the burning of the 15-million pounds of M6 propellant improperly stored at Camp Minden in Webster Parish.  The Louisiana National Guard received a letter from the Department of Justice saying the Army will pay the $28 million to dispose of the materials.  

Minden Representative Gene Reynolds says this means the project can finally get up and going.
"The contract would be signed within 48 hours and they would be able to go on-site and make preparations to get this stuff out of there."

There had been a dispute about the oversight costs of the cleanup effort.  Reynolds says the Army will negotiate for those costs.  He says once the i's are dotted and t's crossed on the contract, he expects work to begin on the site almost immediately.

"They're going to prepare the site in a remote part of the property.  And then they'll come in and start the construction of the tower, where they're going to burn it, and the scrubbing and the filtering system."

The M6 will be disposed through a closed burn on the Camp Minden grounds.  Although no specific timeline has been set for the destruction of the propellant, Reynolds is glad that there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel.

"The construction of the facility will about be four or five months, they said.   And then I was told or read in an article, there, where I think they're estimating a year-and-a-half of burning before it's all gone."


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Michelle Southern reporting.
Areas along the Red River are bracing for the expected crest of 33 feet which the National Weather Service says is coming by June 5th to the Shreveport area. The Bossier Parish Sheriff's office says residents could see flood conditions similar to those in 2009. 

Lt. Bill Davis says they want people in low lying areas to know the water is rising. 
"It will impact not only the river of course but the other water areas that are off-shoots of it," said Davis. "We don't want those folks to be stranded but to be aware and take the necessary precautions."

Davis says this is also a time when neighbors should check on neighbors especially if you know someone who has special needs or a medical condition.

He says they are making plans to inform residents, especially those south of Highway 527 who will likely be displaced by the high waters, to make necessary plans.

"Anytime we talk about the ability for folks to take action before a potential emergency situation is prudent and we're encouraging folks to do so now," said Davis.

Sandbags are available for residents and more are being made. Davis says they don't encourage people to stay in their homes despite flood conditions, but if you choose to stay then stockpile water and plenty of canned foods.

"The water levels will be with us for a while, and continue to move south."


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State police say the Click it or Ticket campaign continues this weekend after five unrestrained motorists were killed last weekend in highway crashes. State police spokesperson Dustin Dwight says more than 400 tickets were issued for seat belt violations over the weekend.
"We've investigated seven fatal crashes," he says. "Of those seven, five crashes, five of those seven, rather, were as a result of people not wearing their seat belt. Totally preventable."
Click it or Ticket is designed to emphasize proper seat belt use, the dangers of impaired driving and the importance of making good driving decisions. Dwight says buckling up should always be a priority.
"Wearing your seat belt is the first ingredient in a safety system that has been designed and proven, and without that seat belt you've thrown out the whole safety system," he says.
The campaign will continue until the end of the month. Dwight says state troopers will be out in greater force looking for seat belt violations.
"I'd like to remind everybody, please buckle up," he says. "It's not just your life that's impacted. It's others' as well." 


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A recent poll shows Governor Bobby Jindal is less popular than President Barack Obama in Louisiana. But Jindal says that's because he's made some tough choices, which includes cutting state government spending and implementing important reforms like the statewide school voucher program.

"Making changes is tough. It's easy to be a popular politician, if you want to be a popular politician, you kiss babies, you cut ribbons and you don't make tough choices," Jindal said.
And the governor, who has presidential aspirations, is struggling in recent republican presidential primary polls. But Jindal says he's not concerned.
"Look the reality is, when I first got into my first race for governor, I was polling within the margin of error, which means nobody is voting for you, including your wife or anybody else you know," Jindal said.
Jindal says he'll announce after the legislative session on whether he'll run for President. The governor says if he does run, he'll let the voters know that he's not afraid to make big changes.
"If I were to become a candidate, I would certainly run to win, and I would do it based on presenting detail ideas about how to move our country forward." 


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The LSU softball team is off to a good start at the Women's College World Series as the Tigers defeated Auburn 6-1 on Thursday afternoon. Bianka Bell and Kellsi Kloss each hit home runs, while Emily Griggs had 3 hits.
LSU as a team had ten hits on the day, which was enough offense for starting pitcher Carley Hoover. The freshman allowed just six hits on the day.
The Tigers will play in a winner's bracket game tomorrow night at 6 PM against Florida.


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Michelle Southern reporting.
Cops in the LaFourche Parish town of Golden Meadow say they've arrested a woman accused of stealing over $12,000 from a non-profit children's baseball league. Chief Reggie Pitre (PEE'-tree) says they received a complaint from the league's board of directors about 35-year-old Renee Serigny (sehr-in-YAY') after noticing inappropriate activity on their bank accounts.

"During an investigation into the last 12 months of bank statements, cumulative totals came out to be a little over $12,000 that was missing out of both accounts," said Pitre.

Serigny was booked with two counts of felony theft and was released from the parish jail after posting a $4,000 bond. Pitre says he questioned the woman himself about the incident.

"She admitted to using the money for personal reasons and didn't realize the built up total was so high," said Pitre.

Pitre says that money was supposed to go towards their Babe Ruth and Cal Ripken league's account for things like supplies and uniforms from registration fees.

"And from her admission she used the accounts for her bills," said Pitre.


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The state House has rejected legislation that would increase the state's sales tax by one-cent for road and bridge improvements.  Plaquemine Representative Karen St. Germain's bill overwhelmingly failed to get a two-thirds vote of elected members it needed to pass.

St. Germain says HB 778 would help with the backlog in road and bridge projects facing the state.
"It is to pay for the construction of these projects.  This is not putting a debt into state coffers, this is a pay as we go."

The state is currently facing a backlog of $12 billion in road and bridge needs.  St. Germain says the bill could generate over $7 billion over the next decade to fund specific highway projects.  She says the neglect of Louisiana's roadways has gone on long enough.

"Our highways and bridges have gone to hell in a hand basket."

The House vote was 52-42.  The measure needed 70 votes to pass.  St. Germain says improving state roadways would enhance the lives of all Louisianians.

"They need health care.  They need education.  They need to be able to get there." 


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The National Weather Service predicts that the Red River could reach its highest level in 25 years.  As of Wednesday, the river stood at 29.2 feet.  

NWS predicts it will crest at 33 feet, the highest since a 34.5 foot crest in 1990.  Meteorologist Mario Valverde says the Red River is not at flood stage, but that's going to change soon.
"There's going to be lots of flooding going on.  Places are going to get wet that people have not seen get wet for 25 years."

Valverde says the Red River is expected to crest in the Shreveport area sometime around June 5th.  He says the river should crest in the Alexandria area a couple of days later.  Valverde doesn't expect any flooding from the Red River to impact any cities, but says some agricultural lands could be inundated.

"A lot of ranchers are already moving their cattle off, near the river, to higher ground.  That's causing them some severe impacts."

NWS says the imminent flooding is the result of recent rainfall in northwest Louisiana and central Texas.  It's predicted that it will be the first part of July before waters to recede back to normal levels.  Valverde says the flooding will cause some inconvenience.

"So a lot of the boat ramps and everything going to the Red River and the surrounding lakes and stuff like that will probably be closed for an extended period of time."


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Michelle Southern reporting.
Louisiana has its first female high school head football coach in history. Susan Gremillion is the new head coach at the Louisiana School for the Deaf, replacing her husband Darren. Gremillion is very excited and believes LSD is the best kept secret in the state.

"I'm glad this will break that barrier because I want people to know about the Louisiana School for the Deaf," said Gremillion. "We've got well rounded kids turning out here that would never play athletics at a hearing school."

The War Eagles are an eight-man football team and they went 7-2 last year.

Gremillion, who was previously the squad's special teams coordinator, says being the head coach is not about gender it's about doing what you love.

"Make a positive reputation for yourself and always have a feel and desire to learn," said Gremillion.

Gremillion says being the first woman head football coach sounds nice but she wants to be the first woman to coach a deaf national championship team.

"That's always the goal, has not changed and remains our mindset every year," said Germillion.


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In an effort to increase its international profile and boost enrollment numbers, Nicholls State University has signed an educational partnership Galliano-based offshore giant Edison Chouest that will allow their employees and family members earn a degree from the school.  

University President Bruce Murphy says the deal will waive out-of-state and international fees for students connected to Chouest.
"We anticipate employees not only from the local area, but from worldwide doing this and it'll probably be both on-site and, also, some online as well."

Murphy says it was a natural for the school to team up with Edison Chouest.

"In their corporate headquarters, of the folks who have degrees, 80-percent of them have degrees from Nicholls.  That's a fantastic tribute, I think, to the relationship between the institution and that company."

Chouest has approximately 14,000 employees in over a dozen countries worldwide.  Murphy says this agreement will bring more international diversity to the Thibodaux campus.

"This is an opportunity for international employees of Chouest to come near their corporate headquarters, to an area where they're familiar, and take advantage of some of our educational opportunities." 


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Political blogger CB Forgotston says Governor Bobby Jindal violated the state constitution with a press release through the governor's office that criticizes presidential candidate Rand Paul. Jindal's statement, which is on letterhead used by the governor's office, says Senator Paul is unsuited to be Commander-in-Chief.

In an interview on the Jim Engster Show, Forgotston says the state constitution makes it clear that you can't do that. 
"The state constitution prohibits the use of state funds for the support or defeat of any political candidate," Forgotston said.  
Jindal's press release through the governor's office criticized the senator from Kentucky for saying that "hawks" in the Republican Party helped create ISIS.  
A Jindal spokesperson, Mike Reed, says the suggestion the Governor of Louisiana can not or should not comment on matters of national security is without merit.
Forgotston says he's filed a complaint with Louisiana Inspector General Stephen Street. 
"It's his job to investigate wrongdoing whether it be criminal or civil by members of the executive department," Forgotston said.
When contacted, Street said he could not comment on whether there will be an investigation.  


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Two bills that are key components to a Common Core compromise made it off the House Floor Wednesday. The votes were nearly unanimous and Governor Bobby Jindal is also backing the proposals. Lake Charles Representative Brett Geymann, a staunch opponent of Common Core, is glad all sides of this controversial issue came together.

One of the bills lets the public and others review the English and math standards, which could result in changes to Common Core curriculum that the next governor would have to approve.

The other proposal seeks to control the state’s participation in tests associated with Common Core.

Geymann says he’s comfortable with what they came up with.

"All the sides came together and worked very hard to come to this agreement," said Geymann.

The legislation will next head to the Senate, which is expected to go along with the bills.

Geymann says he’s appreciative of the hard work that went into coming up with this legislation.

"Look forward to us developing a set of standards that goes through a public process," said Geymann.


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The LSU softball team faces SEC rival Auburn on Thursday afternoon in the opening round of the Women's College World Series. It's the fourth WCWS appearance for LSU.
Coach Beth Torina says her team has been on a mission to get to this point.

"They did everything they could possibly do to make sure they were sitting in this spot," Torina said. "This isn't something they just didn't fall into."
The Tigers bring a 50-and-12 record into Oklahoma City. They have seven hitters hitting .324 or higher and they have four pitchers who have combined for a team ERA of 1.76. Torina says the depth on her team has served them well. 
"We have a lot of different weapons," Torina said. "It's tough to beat us, because it's tough for all of all of them to have a bad day on the same day." 
LSU's last trip to the WCWS was in 2012. The Tigers scored only four total runs and they were eliminated after three games. Torina says this year's squad has a different mindset. 
"Last time we were here, we were an underdog, we were a team that was just happy to make it, but this time this team has some different goals," Torina said. "This team is here to win it."


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